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Get to know: Sundown Series |Alexa + Maddi


Get to know: Sundown Series |Alexa + Maddi

Meet Alexa Losey + Maddi Bragg. Follow along as they reminisce about past summers and favorite memories of Summer 2021, all in the comfort of the Sunset Tower Hotel. (Sunset Tower Hotel for a sundown series photoshoot? Coincidence? We think not ;) )

What do you want to do before summer ends?

Alexa: I want to go to the fair or Disneyland or something that feels like childhood. I could also use another 100 or so beach days.

Maddi: I want to spend as many days at the beach as I possibly can swimming in the ocean until my hands prune up hahaha.

What’s a chapter of your life that closed this season to make way for a new one?

Alexa: Hot girl summer is over. Vax life has really brought me back to my social self, but I’m ready to calm down a bit. Alexa the bookworm, homebody, “go to bed early” is on her way back.

Maddi: A relationship ended and it’s really made me realize how okay I am on my own! I enjoy my alone time & I’m looking forward to getting to know myself even more.

Alexa wears the Song of Style Mira Crop Top and Maddi wears the Song of Style Alessi Sweater + Alessi Knit Shorts

What’s something you look forward to in the next season of your life?

Alexa: I feel really grounded and connected to myself. I’ve had long-term dreams that I’m focusing on making a reality. I’m ready for things that [previously] have felt too big. 

Maddi: I’m looking forward to focusing on myself and exploring my passion in food even deeper! I have a lot of ideas and dreams that I’ve been kinda pushing off so I’m ready to stop avoiding them and make shit happen for myself!!!

What’s a summer memory that’s special to you?

Alexa: I’ve really liked staying in LA this summer. My weekly Sunday dinner parties have truly been magical.

Maddi: Mexico with my best friends for a week spent doing nothing but laying in the sun, swimming & eating! Also our weekly Sunday dinners, we ate so many delicious meals and just got to spend quality time together.

Alexa wears the Song of Style Tate Blazer + Luca Shorts and Maddi wears the Song of Style Zella Blazer + Laurette Pants

Be sure to check out the rest of the Sundown Series over @songofstyle and explore the new Sundown Collection over at Revolve.

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