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Get To Know: LA based artist, Victoria Lamas


Get To Know: LA based artist, Victoria Lamas

Meet LA native, Victoria Lamas who is not just an artist, but a creative soul in every way, shape + form. Her aesthetic is on point not only when it comes to fashion + photography, but having a magic touch when it comes to picking up a paintbrush. Starting with scribbles on tablecloths at restaurants to now painting her heart out in her studio. She’s got it going on.

I believe everyone’s an artist, we unfortunately live in a world that teaches you from a young age that being a creative is a waste of time.

How did you begin on your art journey?

My art journey really began when I learned how to pick up a pencil. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. I have always had a connection and familiarity to expressing myself on paper. I didn’t actually get good until middle school and started to really take it seriously in high school. Around that time I found my voice as an artist. 

Victoria wears the Hayes top + Izzy pant.

Tell us about your creative process…

Like any creative process, I really think it’s just a moment of inspiration. As an artist, I have to have a balance of allowing inspiration into my life but also remembering there’s a certain work ethic to be maintained. When I was younger, I in some ways used to wait for a creative spark before I picked up a paintbrush. Now that I’m older I realize that even when I feel like sh*t I have to pick up that brush. The act of doing is just as important as the act of feeling. 

It’s the real brave souls, the ones who refuse to do anything else that truly nurture their gifts. 

How has living in LA your entire life influenced your art?

My junior year of high school I moved to Las Vegas to attend the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. My year spent there was where I really transformed as an artist. Other than that, LA has really been my only home. Living here is a big reason why I am an artist. There’s a lot of noise and distraction living in a big city and at times it can be excessive. As far back as I can remember, creating has been a catharsis for me. A moment that’s completely mine. 

Does your work influence your personal style?

My work definitely influences my style and vice versa. Style, especially with clothing, is just a form of expression. The two are connected and come from the same place of personal declaration. 

What sorts of subject matter are you most drawn to?

I’ve been the most drawn to people, they fascinate me. Hands also fascinate me, I have an obsession with them. The combination of the two have always been my voice. As of late, patterns and shapes have taken control. I find myself inching away from the portraits of the past and really embracing a moment of freedom with my brush. It’s fun to go into a painting with zero regard to how it will turn out. 

When you’re searching for inspiration, where do you look?

Inspiration to me is the same as feeling. I wear my heart on my sleeve and one could say I’m extremely sensitive. Having this quality has made me very in tune to the world around me and that’s really where I draw my inspiration from. How a certain encounter has made me feel, seeing something that’s visually beautiful, my mood or energy in the moment of creating are things that come to mind. I think the most important part of finding inspiration is letting yourself absorb every aspect of life. Things will naturally come if you’re open to receiving. 

Victoria wears the Rylie top + Izzy pant.

What’s the proudest moment you’ve created for yourself (so far)?

Probably this moment right here. 

Future plans as an artist?

I am working towards being a very busy freelance artist, that’s the dream and where I see myself in the future. I model as well and absolutely love it. I enjoy the styling, creative directing, being a part of the process and collaborative effort of a photo shoot. It’s art in itself. The world has changed in a way where you don’t have to stick to one thing and have that be your only option. I feel like there’s such career freedom where you can really do whatever you want as long as you’re good at it. As of right now I am taking every opportunity life throws at me in terms of what brings me purpose and enjoyment. Truly, I’m just looking forward to honing my craft in every regard. 

Victoria wears the Kelso top + Kelso short.

What SOS pieces make you feel most “you”?

I have to say the shoes. There’s something so artistic about them in a way that is almost sculptural and I feel extremely confident and sexy in them. 

Creative direction by Victoria Lamas.

Photography by Nikolaos Mavromichalis.

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