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Get To Know: Andrea & Kasey, On & Off The Screen


Get To Know: Andrea & Kasey, On & Off The Screen

You might have to do a bit of digging when it comes to getting their story and that’s kind of what we love about them. *Considering ourselves lucky.* We spent an afternoon with Andrea Ellsworth + Kasey Elise Walker, a duo we’d say is beyond dynamic that captivate you instantly with their one of a kind energy, we’d call it rare. Not only do these women act, but they also write and direct their own films.

We chatted about how they met, when they started, and where they’re going. Their stories are unique and filled with life. Through watching their film, you are transported into their creative world and is it truly inspiring. Grab your bestie and watch it here.

After being around you two for 20 minutes, it’s obvious you’re soul sisters. How + when did you two meet?

Kasey: I met Andrea about 12 years ago on Melrose, although she has a different memory of this. I remember her on the corner in front of American Vintage wearing knee high boots with big black curly hair. We were introduced through a mutual friend that wanted to start an “LA girl group” for this blog idea she had, back when Blogspot was popular.

Andrea: I think we both have different memories of this meeting LOL! We met through a mutual friend, back when Myspace was big – early 2000s. This is when everyone in LA would just kind of connect on the basis of who you had in common and style similarities, etc. From what I remember we met on La Brea at this secondhand store, Jet Rag. There were 4 of us and we all went back to Kasey’s house to hang and brainstorm our respective interests and goals. We’ve been pretty much inseperable ever since!

“Be unapologetic. I wasted so much time being concerned with what other people thought. I wish I knew back then that it only mattered what I thought of myself and what was aligned with my heart.”  – K.E.W.

You created + wrote your own short film, ‘The Dispute,’ + on top of that, starred in it. Can you tell us how this came to be?

Kasey: Andrea and I have a way of being together in the world that creates this sort of “energy” that gets us into random, exciting, and sometimes risky predicaments. There’s 12 years of that. So we thought why not write us onto the page with a little bit of extra drama. We never see stories like ours and we definitely don’t see friendships like ours that are grounded in the reality we come from. Both having entertainment backgrounds and wanting to see women like us portrayed in film the natural progression was to just write it ourselves. We thought why not try and see where it gets us? I mean we do everything else together, why not try and make some dreams happen together?

Andrea: Kasey and I often play out these outlandish scenarios together where we improv ridiculous situations and what they would look like. In typical “us” fashion we were doing this and haphazardly thought up The Dispute! It actually started as a story where we bought a bunch of clothes on a line of credit and fled to Rome, but we’ve since reeled it in and stripped it down to who we are fundamentally and what our friendship represents. We’re super excited about our latest draft. It’s almost there.    

Andrea wears the Gala top + Gala Mini Skirt.

Kasey wears the Rylie Top + Nori Pants.

Is the film industry where you began? If not, how did you get to where you are at today?

Kasey: Yes, the film industry has always been it for me. As a young girl, I would just watch movies all day. I was fascinated by the world’s people would create and put up on the screen and I just wanted to be apart of it, in any capacity. I was lucky to have parents that just blindly believed in my crazy dreams and started me in acting around 7 years old. Being in front of the camera was the only way I knew how to start because I had never really seen a clear representation of women behind the camera. It actually didn’t even occur to me that I could be the creator of these ideas until I was in my 20s.

Andrea: My grandmother would always take me to see plays when I was a little girl. I remember seeing The Lion King and Annie and thinking “I want to do that.” I’ve always been really ambitious so I took the playbill home and called some of the numbers on the back – I was hopeful. In a meta sense, it feels like I’m still “calling the numbers on the back” trying to figure it out because I haven’t had my break… but that’s what lead me to writing and I’m so glad it did. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this pursuit. I’ve also developed so much compassion and empathy, which I’m grateful for. The arts have opened me up and helped me tapped into a very deep well of vulnerability and honesty that, as it turns out, fuels me more than I ever could have expected.

“Slow down. Everything will be alright. Breathe. Love. Don’t focus so much on the outcome. You’re worthy.” – A.E.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Kasey: Be unapologetic. I wasted so much time being concerned with what other people thought. I wish I knew back then that it only mattered what I thought of myself and what was aligned with my heart. No one could ever understand the reason you do the things you do and in the way you do them because they’re not living your experience.

Andrea: Slow down. Everything will be alright. Breathe. Love. Don’t focus so much on the outcome. You’re worthy. Funny enough, I still have to remind myself of these things. I honestly don’t think we ever really grow up, we just get better at shielding our spontaneous younger self from this crazy world we occupy.  

As creatives, when you need to be re-inspired, what are you doing?

Kasey: I wake up and just do the things that I love doing. That always gets me back to who I am and what is meant for me. Being concerned with what others are doing and creating sometimes fogs my mind and makes it less clear what’s for me.

Andrea: Visiting art galleries, cooking, painting, making pottery, watching films, having a good conversation, going on a walk, watching interviews of people who inspire me, listening to new music, reading, looking through magazines, doing a workshop that reconnects me with source, stopping to feel my heartbeat, taking in someone I love, and traveling. I’m always trying to settle into people, places, and activities that fill me up rather than exhaust and drain me. That helps my creativity a lot.

How do your personal hobbies + projects tie into the work you create?

Kasey: I don’t know if there’s any way for me to separate those things. The reason I create the things that I create is because I love doing them. What I create is my hobby.

Andrea: I love finding new ways to express myself and I’m extremely curious. The more I know and learn the more I have to pull from as a creative. For me, a large part of becoming a better artist begins with the relentless pursuit of becoming a better me, daily… and learning. 

Andrea + Kasey both wearing the Kylie Pant + Chloe Top + Dario Bralette.

You’re going away for the weekend + only have 20 minutes to pack. What are your must haves?

Kasey: A good coat (I’m always cold).

Andrea: A comfortable outfit that can easily go day-to-night and comfy-to-chic (versatility is important here – the silk SOS outfit would actually fit the bill perfectly.) I can’t fathom going anywhere without my beauty necessities (Jan Marini facewash/moisturizer/sunscreen, U Beauty resurfacing compound, Aerin rose lip conditioner, NARS soft matte concealer, a concealer brush, Hourglass translucent powder, perfume, and body lotion.) If there’s time to spare… a cozy blanket and pillow for the car or plane :)

Fill in the blank. Andrea is most likely to ____. Kasey is most likely to ____.

Kasey: Andrea is most likely to tell you exactly what you need to hear and forward you 15 emails the next morning with all the things you didn’t know you needed (probably beauty-related).

Andrea: Kasey is most likely to cuddle you!

What are your favorite Song of Style pieces?

Kasey: The whole Chloe get up! It’s like PJs that are appropriate to wear out. You can throw some tennis shoes on for an Aaliyah/Missy feel with some shades or do a more feminine look with some cute sling-back heels and an updo.

Andrea: The Song of Style pieces that makes me feel the most me are the Gala top and skirt. I love how versatile they are. The set somehow manages to be chic, sexy, stylish, and demure all at once. I also like that depending on how I style around it (hair, makeup, shoes, accessories) I can give a completely different look with each wear. The material is exquisite and I love the color.

Andrea + Kasey both wearing the Pascal Blazer + Oscar Pant.

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