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SOS L.A. Guide: 10 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in Los Angeles

From comfort food to fine-dining romantic garden restaurants to hidden-gem sushi joints, the SOS team shares these 10 best outdoor dining restaurants in Los Angeles. So here you are: top outdoor restaurants in LA for eating during quarantine.

1. Sushi Kimagure

Sushi Kimagure is very lowkey omakase-style sushi bar located in old town Pasadena. Everything from the cut, quality to the freshness of the sushi is exceptional. The simple, unpretentious setting of the restaurant lets the food speak for itself. This is some of the best sushi in LA. And more affordable for quality sushi than some of it’s LA-proper counterparts.

2. Spartina

Image: OpenTable

We love this Italian restaurant for both the food and the ambience. The outdoor seating is socially distanced in their enclosed patio and has intimate vibes with string lights and greeneries. Everyone raves about the Beef Short Ribs Tortelloni, but it’s the Spanish Octopus Trenette with Roasted Bone Marrow that was our favorite! The Burrata Peach and Arugula Salad is another SOS team favorite. They have a good collection of wine and their house cocktails are worth a try. Plus, parking has never been easier on Melrose.

3. Tacos Delta

They have great Mexican street tacos and everything is very affordable. It’s our pick for best cheap tacos in LA. And great for both takeout, or grabbing tacos and sitting in their socially-distanced patio. Jared’s favorite is the summer ceviche special – it’s a very refreshing white fish ceviche that is great on a hot day. You can either at their terrace s or take the food to the nearby Elysian Park.

4. Rosaline

Image: Rosaline

Rumor has it that Rosaline is one of Beyonce’s favorite restaurants in L.A.. This Peruvian restaurant is a L.A. must-try even before they re-opened with safe outdoor dining. The ambiance of the greenhouse outdoor dining area is fancy but relaxed and warm. We recommend the Filet Mignon and the Seafood Chaufa Paella from their family style menu. It’s great for group dining, because you can order for the table to share. They have a separate ceviche menu for dinner and everything is super fresh and tasty. You want tasty Peruvian ceviche in LA? This is your spot.

5. Angelini Osteria

This is Aimee’s favorite Italian place in L.A.. Everything from fish to pasta is superb Italian. It’s fancy food, without the fancy vibe. This is a great outdoor dinner in LA. Treat yourself to the Gelato spot next door, or head across the street to Erewhon and get some ice cream to take home with you.

6. Belcampo Meat Co. @ Grand Central Market

The food court at Grand Central Market in downtown LA has a variety of cuisine to offer, so is great for groups. The outdoor seating makes it very COVID-19 friendly dining. If you are craving high-end grass-fed burgers without high-end prices, Belcampo Meat Co. does it best. They also have great vegan options like a homemade veggie burger to cater to the L.A. community. Great for meat eaters and vegans.

7. Olio Wood Fire Pizza @ Grand Central Market

You’re at Grand Central Market already eating a burger, why not get a pizza to share, too. Their affordable small-sized pizza is perfect for devouring alone or ordering multiple different styles to share with friends. The outdoor seating at Grand Central Market makes it great for groups. Devour a combination of different cuisines here with friends.

8. Eggslut @ Grand Central Market

You might have heard of this spot if you are a L.A. local. It is not your healthiest breakfast option but we go there for the egg and bacon sandwiches a.k.a the ideal hangover food. If you’re feeling like you need a little R&R, or just want to splurge, make sure you try this egg sandwich which has been deemed the best egg sandwich in LA.

9. Matsuhisa

Image: Yelp

You want the best sushi in LA? This is your spot to splurge, if your wallet is feeling heavy. Chef Matsuhisa is the creator of the popular, and tasty, spot Nobu. His original restaurant, Matsuhisa in LA, is like Nobu but with fresher fish, better sushi chefs and without the pretentiousness. You’ll love this place if you are into casual fine dining. The sushi and the service are both spectacular. They also have a Japanese-style full bar and extended wine list. The tasty foods don’t stop there. Be sure to try their amazing Wagyu and Filet Mignon appetizer and entree options. This is hands-down our favorite sushi in LA-proper.

10. Chateau Marmont

The Restaurant in the beautiful French garden of Chateau Marmont Hotel makes it feel like you’re in a friend’s backyard having dinner. It’s the kind of spot where you feel so relaxed, it’s 2am and time to leave before you know it. This is the place to grab food, and then spend the night drinking tea or wine until bar close. The 5-star-hotel traditional American food is on the pricier side but you are paying for the romantic ambience and experience. This is our spot to unwind in peace. It feels as though you’ve left LA and are in a little Chateau in France.

Image: Yelp

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