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Food & Recipe

Our Favorite Takeout and Delivery Places in Los Angeles

Food & Recipe

Our Favorite Takeout and Delivery Places in Los Angeles

Five months into the quarantine, restaurants in Los Angeles are still closed for indoor dining. In an effort to support local businesses, we have been ordering meals from our favorite restaurants in our neighborhoods. Besides, aren’t we all tired of preparing our own meals?

Here’s a list of our favorite restaurants offering pickup or delivery and our recommended dishes. P.s. do not forget to leave a note to forgo the disposable utensils for less waste!

Aimee’s favorite: Tacos Negros

A black-owned business recommended by my friend Shiona Turini. It’s such a unique spin on Mexican food and they have a variety of vegan options. I usually get the Callaloo & Plantain, Fried Green Tomato, and Crispy Jalapeño tacos and my friends would get their quesadilla. Their food is definitely not the type of tacos you’ve experienced and I order from Negros Tacos as a treat every Friday or Saturday. 

Brea’s favorite: Woon

Brea: Woon for the win! We have mentioned them before but it’s so good, it’s worth mentioning again because the beef noodles are the best in town. I also love the fishcakes and the smashed radish (not always on the menu). The menu reflects the Fong family’s traditions and the special recipes their Mom (aka Mama Fong) made for them growing up. It’s a family affair and eating the food makes you feel like you’re part of it. PS – try their natural wines as well.

Hailey’s favorite: Casablanca

Casablanca Restaurant is a family owned restaurant in Venice that’s been there for over 35 years. They offer a delicious blend of traditional mexican entrees and seafood – their Calamari steak is unforgettable! Every meal comes with handmade tortillas and special green salsa made avocado, cilantro and cheese. You can even order one of their freshly made Cadillac margaritas to go! A favorite restaurant for west-siders.

Maggie’s favorites: Ham Ji Park

Ham Ji Park is famous for their Gamja Tang (pork neck stew) and spare ribs. They cooked the pork so well done that it melts in the mouth. The portion is huge and lasts 3 to 4 meals for me.  When I took my brother and my dad there pre-quarantine we couldn’t even finish it. When you do take outs they also pack you the Banchan (Korean side dishes that come with every order), which are also my favorite thing about Korean food. 


BongChu specializes in braised chicken with toppings like glass noodles and rice cakes. The melted cheese is a plus that adds an extra layer of richness in flavor.  My favorite topping is the glass noodles and it’s even better after you reheat it because the noodles absorb all the soup.

Patricia’s favorite: Dune

Dune is an East Mediterranean restaurant in Atwater Village and downtown. I highly recommend their falafels! Their housemade flatbread is freshly grilled topped with the freshest herbs and pickled veggies. Their Hummus + Grilled Chicken plate is also worth ordering; it’s a really generous serving that is actually good for two!

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