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Everything You Need to Play Tennis in Style


Everything You Need to Play Tennis in Style

I recently just started playing tennis and it has become my favorite sport. I’ve always wanted to be more active and playing tennis has been really fun and felt like a hobby instead of a workout. It’s a great activity to do during quarantine. Whether you are serious about getting into tennis or just want to be active and enjoy the sport with your friends, check out our round up of pieces that will make you look like a tennis pro from head to toe.

Head Graphene 360 Speed MP LITE Tennis Racquet
Vimmia X Biker Shorts (similar here)
NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo
Avenue The Label Bucket Hat (similar here and here)
Dior Cruise 2021 Book Tote (similar here)

Tennis Rackets

As a beginner, I was recommended to start with a lightweight frame with larger head size because it is easier on your arms. Here‘s a guide on how to choose the tennis racket that best suits you. Here‘s how you can determine your grip size, which is another important factor to maximize comfort and control. I went to a local tennis store to pick out my Head Graphene 360 Speed MP LITE Tennis Racquet. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racket and Head MicroGel Instinct Tennis Racquet are also great options for beginners. Don’t forget to get enough tennis balls because as a beginner you’ll realize the extra balls will come in handy!

Tennis Shoes

I love my NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo for its color combination. If you have a more minimalistic style, try the NikeCourt Lite 2. Here I rounded up 6 pairs of tennis shoes that you can wear on and off the court.

1.NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo
2.NikeCourt Lite 2 (on sale)
3. Adidas By Stella McCartney Barricade Boot Shoes
4. Adidas Gamecourt Shoes
5. NikeCourt Lite 2
6. NikeCourt Lite 2 (on sale)

Tennis Skirts & Dresses

While you can play tennis in any comfortable activewear like biker shorts or running shorts, we are loving these more traditional tennis outfits from a few of our Instagram faves.

This Tory Sport Performance V Neck Tennis Dress is currently on my wishlist.

Tennis Accessories

Tennis headbands and wrist bands are used by professional tennis players to keep sweat from dripping into their eyes during a match. While we might not find ourselves in a tennis match soon, wearing headbands and wristbands give you extra outfit points.

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