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We Tried and Tested 10 Recipes During The Quarantine

There’s one thing that is certain, quarantine turned us into chefs and bakers. It’s exciting to see everyone going back to basics and recreating dishes from their favorite restaurants.

Patricia from the SOS team is no different as she had been preparing her own meals since the start of the quarantine. Here are her highly recommended recipes that are easy and inspired by LA restaurants.

1. Basque Burnt Cheesecake

I recently came across this Basque Cheesecake recipe from Bon Appetit. I love cheesecake and I read this one beats a classic New York cheesecake – I just had to try it! The recipe calls for a 10″ pan but since I am on my own, I only made half of the recipe.

The parchment paper and the sides of the cake will definitely be burnt but the center will be moist and jiggly. You can pair a slice with sherry but I ate mine with fresh strawberries and lemon syrup.

2. Pesto Rice Bowl

This was inspired by Sqirl’s Sorrel Pesto Rice bowl. I didn’t have kale nor sorrel from the original recipe but I had leftover homemade pesto so I used it to make pesto rice. I topped mine with a poached egg, pickled cucumbers, avocado, and gorgonzola. You can also add bacon, pickled radish, and feta cheese.

3. Fresh Spring Rolls

This is a dish that I always order whenever I eat any Vietnamese Restaurant. I didn’t realize that it is actually very easy to make! It’s also a great way to consume veggies because you can get creative with the stuffing.

I tried Jessica Gavin’s Vietnamese Spring Roll recipe. Aside from the sweet peanut sauce, you can make Nuoc Mam Cham or Fish Sauce Dip that is citrusy. This stores well in the fridge so you can make a big batch and use it on salads.

4. Chicken Arroz Caldo

Whenever I miss my home I try to cook dishes that remind me of the Philippines. Chicken Arroz Caldo is one of my favorite comfort food, it’s like your usual rice porridge but made with a rich chicken broth and ginger.

5. Classic Tiramisu

This tiramisu recipe is actually fun and easy to make. I find that the success of this recipe lies in using good coffee (i suggest using espresso) and dark rum.

6. Chicken Plate

I found myself craving my favorite hummus & grilled chicken plate from Dune (if you live in LA, they are now on Caviar!) So I tried to recreate it with this Grilled Mediterranean chicken recipe and added these pickled cucumbers.

7. Salmon Cauliflower Pesto Rice

Another pesto dish! This time I tried to cook a low carb version using cauliflower rice. It’s not as crispy as using brown rice but still good!

8. Hainanese Chicken Rice

I must admit that this is the most time consuming and tedious dish to make but it was worth it! I’ve always wanted to cook Hainanese Chicken Rice and I am glad I tried it. I could’ve done a better job at exfoliating the chicken but it was tasty nonetheless. I would highly recommend this if you have a rice cooker or an Instant Pot, it will make everything easier.

9. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

Inspired by Philz Coffee’s Mint Mojito Latte, I recently discovered this refreshing iced coffee recipe. I have been making this almost every single day. You can check out the rest of the SOS team’s caffeine routine here.

10. Almond Flour Banana Bread

Of course, this post will not end without a banana bread recipe. This is by far the healthiest recipe I found without compromising taste and texture. It doesn’t call for butter nor a huge amount of sweetener. I have made this recipe multiple times, walnuts, and dark chocolate are great additions to the batter.

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