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How We Are Celebrating Mother’s Day This Year

As we charter these uncertain times, we cannot help but think about family – near or far – and how much we wish we could give them a loving hug. Mother’s Day is approaching and has us thinking of our loved ones, our mothers, grandmothers and those who have had a huge impact in our lives. In the midst of quarantine, we are sharing how we will celebrate our mothers or mother figure to make them feel the love from afar.


Buyer & Merchandiser, Revolve & Alliance Apparel

Since I can’t physically be with my mom this year to celebrate Mother’s Day, I wanted to do something extra special for her! She is beyond selfless, endlessly loving, and rarely spoils herself. As I do every year, I will be sending my mother a pink rose bouquet from Floral Farm Girl. I always send my Mother’s Day flowers the Friday of Mother’s Day Weekend, so that she can enjoy the bouquet all weekend long! However, I felt like flowers weren’t quite enough this year…

This dainty Freshwater Pearl Bracelet from Everett is perfect for my mom, a woman who loves the beach and appreciates the beauty in nature. As an added benefit, I am supporting a small local LA business. However appreciative my mom will be for the flowers and gift, there is nothing more important to her than seeing me. Fortunately I live very close, so a social distancing drive-by will definitely be a part of my Mother’s Day plan!


Partner & Executive Vice President, Digital Brand Architects

Not being able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom is hard, but by chance I had given her a new phone for her birthday in February and we’ve been able to stay extra connected during this difficult time period. Seeing her figure out FaceTime just well enough to interact with her granddaughter makes the distance a little easier.


Social Media Assistant, Song Of Style

My family lives in China so I have not had the chance to be with my mom for Mother’s Day ever since I moved to the States six years ago. This year is no different for us. Even though my mom always tells me to not get her anything, I know she’s happy when she receives my gift and feels the love from thousands of miles away. A beautiful bouquet of flowers would make her day but I wanted to top every year’s Mother’s Day for her with something special. 

She always puts her family before her and hardly ever treats herself the way a mom deserves. I thought a gift card to a luxurious spa would make her take the time for herself after the pandemic is over. 


SVP of Design, Revolve Owned Brands

It’s been really tough being apart from my mama. I usually see her every day because she watches my son when I go to work. We now text daily and we’ll do family drive by visits to say hello from the car. Her and my dad often get portions of every new recipe we test. And since she’s an avid gardener and was the caretaker of all my plants, I think what makes her the happiest is that I’ve kept every plant alive at my home, thus far. I’m so thankful to live close to my parents, because although we are keeping a distance, we are able to show our love through food and drive by kisses and air hugs, which is exactly what we’ll be doing this Mother’s Day!


Marketing Assistant, Song Of Style

Since we’ll be spending mothers’ day away from each other, we will celebrate her day via FaceTime. Because of our time difference (she is 15 hours ahead), I’ll wake up early to spend time with her! We’ll catch up on things and probably put on a face mask as we watch her favorite Korean drama.

Simone Kuhfal

PR Manager, Revolve & FWRD

For Mother’s Day this year, I’m going to make my mom one of her favorite desserts, bread pudding (trying a gluten-free recipe!), and will be dropping it off to her after fully sanitizing the container. I also plan to have flower arrangements delivered to my mom and soon-to-be mother in law from small local florists. It’s important to always support small businesses but even more so during this time!

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