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An It-Girl Hair Stylist Shows Us How to Trim & Style Bangs At Home


An It-Girl Hair Stylist Shows Us How to Trim & Style Bangs At Home

Getting a haircut during quarantine requires a little DIY. We can now do a refresher ourselves with a new spring hairdo and the help of New York-based hairstylist Megan Robinson (@megatronison) and her tutorial on how to trim ‘bits’ at home.

Bits are a type of longer length bangs that lay on the sides of the face. It looks really cute when you put the hair up and opens up your face.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial below and share your pics:

Step 1: Tie your hair back and leave out the bits

Determine how long you want your bits. The rule of thumb is to keep the length around the nose or lips so it can still tuck behind the ear.

Step 2: Start with one section

Take the front-most section and instead of doing one straight cut, cut it at an angle with multiple smaller motions so that the edges are slightly off.

Step 3: Take another section and repeat

Start where the last section ends so that the back is longer than the front. Repeat this step for the rest and the other side.

Step 4: Let your hair down and check how it looks

Don’t be too precise. You want to create an organic looking effect.

Step 5: Using hair styling clips to create a curve shape to the bits

And Voila! There you have an effortless new hair style without leaving the house.

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