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All The Pasta We’ve Made at Home Since Quarantine

Last week, Patricia from the SOS team shared her LA restaurant-inspired dishes she made since quarantine. Maggie, who used to eat at pasta restaurants every other week, naturally started making her own at home.

I don’t like ordering pasta takeout because the noodles soak up all the sauce by the time it gets delivered. To me, it’s either freshly made delicious pasta or no pasta at all. When it comes to homemade pasta, what really brought my pasta making to the next level are these three tips: 1. add a generous amount of salt when boiling the noodles. You want the water to taste as salty as sea water; 2. cook the noodles to al dente – 2 to 3 mins before transferring it to the sauce. Overcooked pasta is the last thing you want; 3. add a pinch of brown sugar if the tomato sauce turns out too sour.

Without further ado, below are the recipes I’ve made, loved and will make again.

1. Spaghetti Pomodoro

This was the introductory pasta that brought me here and still remains my favorite. This recipe by Bon Appetit is super easy to make and requires very few ingredients. I gave it my own twist by adding mushrooms, which gives it an extra layer of flavor similar to that of chicken broth.

2. Rigatoni with Easy Vodka Sauce

Another recipe by Bon Appetit that I’ve made more than once. It’s creamy and has a kick of spiciness that makes it special. I love anything with rigatoni for its thick and chewy texture. Instead of vodka, I opted for white wine that I had on hand. I added mushrooms because they make everything better. I ran out of fresh basil so I garnished with some dry parsley flakes.

3. Pasta al Limone

This no-fail recipe takes less than 20 mins to make and tastes absolutely amazing. It’s very rich but refreshing at the same time because of the acidity from the lemon juice.

4. Mushroom Carbonara

If you follow this recipe exactly, you’ll get restaurant-level carbonara from the comfort of your own kitchen. This vegetarian version of the traditional carbonara is next level. I was proud of myself for nailing the most advanced pasta recipe I’ve ever tried.

5. Kimchi Carbonara

When my two favorite cuisines meet, I feel like my life could not be more complete. When I first tried kimchi carbonara at a restaurant called Concerto in Korea Town, I was mind blown. This recipe is just as good. Omit bacon if you don’t have any and add more kimchi if you like the taste strong and spicy.

6. Tomato and Parmesan Risotto

I’m always finding new ways to eat rice and this is a great novel addition. Like the recipe suggested, use the smallest cherry tomatoes you can find. They’ll be extra sweet and make the risotto even more delicious.

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