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Food & Recipe

SOS Team’s Morning Caffeine Routine

Food & Recipe

SOS Team’s Morning Caffeine Routine

Coffee and tea are essential things in our morning routines. On busy days, they help us transition to ‘work mode’ and on the weekends, we find pleasure sipping a cup over a late breakfast. Today, the SOS team shares how they make their favorite caffeine-induced drinks.

How do you take your morning caffeine? Let us know!

Brea’s Iced Cortado

This is a classic recipe for your busy mornings. The secret is using quality coffee beans and milk. I highly recommend Tolima Especial from Canyon Coffee.

You’ll need:
Double espresso
Oat milk

1. Prep your ingredients. I used Canyon Coffee espresso grade beans, ice and oat milk.
2. Grind the coffee beans. (I use an Encore grinder)
3. Make the double espresso. I highly recommend the De Longhi Espresso Machine
4. Pour the espresso into a glass
5. Add the oat milk. It is important to add these together first before adding ice so that the hot espresso doesn’t melt your ice and water down the beverage
6. Enjoy!

Maggie’s Citrus Green Tea

For this recipe, I’m using Sen Cha which is a type of Japanese green tea that’s processed by steaming and rolling the tea leaves. It has a refreshing and sweet taste like Matcha. I like my tea hot but you can brew the tea the night before and leave it in the fridge if you want to have it cold. 

You’ll need
Freshly Brewed Green Tea
Citron Citron Tea

1. Brew some green tea
2. Add a spoon of honey citron & ginger tea (this one has a mild ginger taste but there’s also a version without ginger)
3. Pour green tea and mix
4. Enjoy!

Patricia’s Mint Iced Coffee

Inspired by Philz Coffee’s Mint Mojito Latte, this iced coffee is a refreshing cup to kickstart your day. You can make it a latte by using espresso shots and adding more milk.

You’ll need:
Freshly brewed strong coffee
8-12 fresh mint leaves

1. Place the mint leaves and your choice of sweetener in a glass (I use coconut sugar)
2. Gently muddle the mint and sugar. Be careful not to break up the mint into small pieces!
3. Add your brewed coffee.
4. Give it a stir and add ice
5. Add a splash of milk (I use Oatly)
6. Garnish (optional) and enjoy!

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