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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Uplifting Things That Made Our Week

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Uplifting Things That Made Our Week

In case you didn’t notice, it’s Friday today! Since we’re thankful for making it through another week, we decided to put together all of the little things that brought us joy, excitement, and hope. Here’s a much needed visual diary to soothe your mind and ears. Enjoy!

Dream Destinations

1. This photo by Stefan Ruiz in Rio’s Jardim Botanico makes us wish we had a pool although we’re grateful to have backyards and warm weather in LA.

2. Saving this for our next getaway post quarantine. Cappadocia, Turkey shot by Patricia Sofra

3. Lençois Maranhenses National Park via Julia Furrer


1. Aimee has been listening to Matthew Polenzani whom she discovered when she was in Tuscany last year. “Via Apple Music, I’ll start a station based on him or any classical singer and just have the music playing.”

2. Reverberation Radio – these weekly playlists are also available via any podcast app or on their website. They are worldly, eclectic and perfect for every day listening.

3. Update your quarantine Spotify playlists with these songs: Vincent by Joanna Wang, The Rain Thief by Honey Stretton, and Making Chit Chat with a Stranger at a Dinner Party by Michael Seyer.

At Home Therapy

1. Aimee loves this image of Tiffany Haddish looking extra in a flower garden. “It makes me want to wear a pretty dress and start gardening!”

2. Bread on Earth is one of Brea’s favorite Instagram accounts! She and her fiancé are really into making homemade sourdough. “The account has such a unique and creative take on bread making. Super inspiring.”

Visual Escape

1. We love the artist Camilla Engstrom, her art is so colorful and uplifting. She also does fun little dances that I think are incredibly refreshing especially right now.

2. The Instagram account Frankie the Bulldog is the cutest gallery of a family of bulldogs. Browsing through the photos of sleeping puppies just melts our hearts.

3. We love going through the curated homes and villas from Somewhere I Would Like to Live. Their account is an instant vacation on your screen.

4. If you’re in a mood for some real retail therapy, head over to Casa Shop and watch their soothing product videos that you can shop.

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