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What’s On Our Bedside Tables?

The contents of your bedside table says a lot about you – your habits, essentials and routines. The SOS team shared their bedside tables and everything we keep within arm’s reach. Take a peek below.


My side:

I have an iPhone charger, a big fiddle leaf fig tree that I managed to keep alive for years by talking to it and thanking it. I also have books that’m I’ve been trying to read (right now I’m reading When Breathe Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi). I like to sleep in the dark but it’s almost impossible since I have the garden light on at night for safety reasons plus my bedroom gets a lot of sunlight early in the morning so when I’m trying to sleep in, I’ll always use my silk sleeping eye mask.

Right next to my bedside table, I have two dog beds that I got from Etsy and a sheepskin rug on top of it which used to be on the floor but the dogs love the texture and warmth of it so now it’s on top of the dog bed.

Jacopo’s side:

Jacopo reads about 3 to 4 books a week and is always getting more books. I tend to order new books from Amazon but Jacopo loves used books. He also has his external hard drives in his travel sized toiletry bag that he collects from flights piled on top of his books. Probably because he’s technically ‘visiting’ me and staying at my place so he doesn’t have a designated spot where he’s able to put down his stuff. The vintage gold lamp on his side of the bed is from the rose bowl flea market. He also has a candle which probably isn’t the safest spot. He rarely lights the candle or when he does, he blows it out right away and makes sure to monitor it.


My bedside table has been pretty neat lately. It’s usually a mix of random things  – like heat patches when I’m on my period or a headband whenever I put on a sleeping mask. But the things seen in the photo are my essentials and they never leave my bedside table.

I love my Aroma Diffuser from Muji and it also makes a perfect night light. I try to read a chapter or two before bed so I always keep my Kindle on the table. I also make sure to have a pen and paper for those late-night thoughts and ideas!

Bedside Table –  Ikea
Aroma Diffuser –  Muji
Marble Coaster – Goodies
Reading – Educated by Tara WestoverKindle
Paperwhite Kindle – Amazon
Alarm Clock – BlaCOG


My bedroom and bedside table are vital to my sleep routine and feeling comfy and cozy as I settle in for the night. I’m not a great sleeper so I like to keep my little routine intact to ensure I’m in the best state of mind before zzzz-land.

I love my locally made sheets and bedding, they are so comfortable and I love to support local business especially during this time. My other essentials are my fave scented hand lotion, a book as I always read a few pages before bed to clear my mind of the day, palo santo to cleanse the space and of course some weed gummies. Also, a framed photo by Blanda.

Lamp – Anthropologie
Linen Sheets – Matteo LA
Pillows – Suay LA
Hand Lotion – Aesop Resurrection
Golda Topanga Room Spray
Reading – White Teeth by Zadie Smith
Shell Holder – vintage from Etsy
Palo Santo – Need Supply has a good one on sale right now
Not pictured – my THC/CBD “Unwind” gummies from Plus


I keep my bedside table minimal with only necessities so that I don’t accidentally sweep it all off with my arm. I am a light sleeper and sleep masks have been a life (and sleep) saver. It took me some time to get used to it but this Slip silk sleep mask is so gentle and just feels amazing on my skin. I keep my books that I’m reading under my bedside table, along with ones that I’ve finished which include Where The Crawdads Sing. Check out more book recommendations from us here.

Bedside table for me is a personal space where I keep personal things like a notebook in which I pour out my late-night thoughts and rambles, copy poems and lyrics. I recently framed my best friend’s drawing, keeping it next to my bed makes me feel like I’m a little closer to home.

Bedside Table – Urban Outfitters
Lamp – Ikea
Slip Silk Sleep Mask
Picture Frame – Ikea
Byredo Body Lotion (travel size taken from a hotel)
Notebook – Muji

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