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Get to Know: Violette


Get to Know: Violette

Bonjour from Violette, French makeup artist and Estée Lauder Global Beauty Director. Being an artist and a romantic at heart, Violette draws inspiration from modern art, nature and every woman she meets. Follow her daily mood board and life as a mom at @violette_fr and get to know her a bit more below.

I don’t have a muse specifically. I love every women. Every one of them inspires me.

You are an artist at heart, how has traditional training influenced how you create makeup looks on your clients?

In a huge way, my references come from art, fabrics, and nature. I don’t draw inspirations from makeup looks I see on social media. I don’t really care about trends. I am constantly regrouping inspirations and classifying them in themes, colors, etc.

You are known for your flawless and effortless French beauty routine – what are the 3 things you could not live without?

Aw thank you! I can’t live without:

1.Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
2.In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Face Balm
3.Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

As a mother, did you have to shift or change any of your beauty routine to ensure it was pregnancy safe?

Yes. I didn’t use any products containing retinol and essential oils.

How often do you trim your bangs? (Asking for a friend!)

Ahaha I don’t know! I guess once a month?

Violette is wearing the Iris tank

If you had to pick one – red lip or cat eye? 

Red lip!!! 100% and only one: Poppy Sauvage from Esteé Lauder – it’s the first product I designed for the brand. 

Who is the ultimate muse whom you would love to work with for a special beauty look?

It’s funny I got asked this question a lot but I never know what to say. I don’t have a muse specifically. I love every women. Every one of them inspires me. I would love to do Melinda Gates’ makeup though, just because I admire this woman so much.

What are some tips on staying creative and cultivating your own unique point of view?

Being old school! Read books. Go to museum. Go see things in real life and not only on a screen. Open your eyes in the streets, in the subway. Look at people around you. Notice your surroundings.

You’re a mother, makeup artist and Global Beauty Director for Esteé Lauder, what is your best advice for finding the balance?

Gosh, I am still working on it. It’s not easy because that’s only one part of my job. My schedule is insane and I don’t have an assistant. So I created rules for myself. At 5:30 pm I try (and I am pretty good at it!) to be home with my daughter, play with her and then do her routine. I spend every Wednesday with her and the weekends of course. I do my transcendental meditation in the car on my way to work. I work out 3 times a week. But I never have downtime. And I miss that because leaving some space in your life is like opening the window to let some fresh air in.

What is your favorite SOS look for a weekend with the fam?

The Morgan sweater. I was wearing it yesterday actually. It’s so effortless but sexy. My man told me “ you’re sexy” just like that out of the blue. I think it was the sweater ;-)

Violette is wearing the Morgan sweater

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