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Get to Know: Hannah Bronfman

DJ, entrepreneur, and author are just some of the titles we associate with Hannah Bronfman. You might have seen her fitness routines and recipes online (they are actually game-changing!). Now with her growing health, beauty and fitness movement – HBFIT, we can’t help but wonder how she does it all. We sat down with the multi-hyphenate and she shared her inspiring journey from DJ-ing to becoming a lifestyle guru and all the failures in between.

Hannah is wearing the Song of Style Stephanie Blazer

What time do you usually wake up and what’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Honestly, I travel so much that this time really depends on where I am and what is on the schedule for the day. But on a perfect at home day, I’m usually up between 7-8 AM, and I like to get myself a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and sea salt to kickstart my hydration first thing.

Wellness is not about fancy workout classes. It’s about doing small things every day to help you feel your best.

For someone just starting their journey to fitness – the wellness world can be very overwhelming. Where should we start?

Start small. Wellness is not about fancy workout classes. It’s about doing small things every day to help you feel your best. Start by drinking 3 liters of water, or stretching first thing in the morning. Start with something you can do every day. From there, start trying out new workouts and see what you like – what you like to do will be what sticks. Whether that means jogging down the block, trying out an online program at the gym, or a group fitness class – be open to trying things out.

Hannah is wearing the Song of Style Buffy Coat

What’s your favorite workout at the moment?

I’m very into pilates right now. You really feel sore and it feels like a great workout even if you’re not drenched in sweat every time (although I often am!). It takes a lot of focus and I just love how it makes me feel.

You filled many hats as an entrepreneur, lifestyle guru and now author. What keeps you going?

Honestly, routines are my saviors. I travel like crazy and if I didn’t prioritize my little routines I don’t think I would hold it together. Finding time to move my body and trying to eat in a way that feels good keeps me grounded no matter where I am.

What is it like to DJ during Fashion Weeks and where is the best place you have had the chance to play?

It is always a wild ride! The DJ gigs have evolved so much over the years, and I really don’t take it for granted that I get to play some of these amazing parties. A highlight this year was DJing a Spotify x Hulu party for Cannes Lion, and Ciara and Kerry Washington came to vibe in the DJ booth. A serious pinch me moment!

Aimee is wearing the Song of Style Leona top and Sebastienne Leather Pant

From this, how did your career evolve to where you are today?

I started out DJing during my college years and then in nightclubs in New York City post-grad. It really took a toll on my health partying like that but it was “golden handcuffs” in a way because I loved what I was doing but it was making me feel like shit. That’s how I started getting into wellness — I was desperate to just feel better and working out and eating right (shocker!) was the ticket. When I started sharing that on Instagram, it became the beginning of what I do now, and when my following grew so did my opportunities for more corporate gigs that don’t go until 5 am. It’s funny how everything works out when you look back on it, and at the moment you just have to trust that you are on a path and making the right decisions.

Having what might be considered a “failure” in my first business venture is one of the best things that could have happened to me.

How were you able to handle setbacks on your first business venture?

Having what might be considered a “failure” in my first business venture is one of the best things that could have happened to me. I took the time I needed to mourn it but ultimately, it’s what led me to found HBFIT and I learned so much from the successes and failures we had. 

Hannah is wearing the Song of Style Buffy Coat

What is your advice to those starting their own enterprise with business partners?

Do your due diligence because sometimes when you want something so badly you are willing to overlook certain things but don’t be blinded by your ambition because if you get in bed with the wrong partner you could set yourself back more than you ever thought.  But also, don’t be afraid to dive in headfirst, sometimes you should deny a creative process. The benefit of a small business is that you can be agile and make changes quickly. 

How does one pick themselves up after a crushing experience?

Do the work to be at peace with yourself. It’s hard work and we are all doing it all the time. But if you do the work you believe in – whether professionally, personally, charitably – that will give you the self-confidence it takes to go through tough times with grace and not take things personally. 

Hannah is wearing the Song of Style Stephanie Blazer

What’s your favorite brunch spot in New York?

I love Russ and Daughters!

Favorite celery juice?

My own! Blend the celery juice with water and strain.

Which SOS pieces would you wear to DJ and for a date night?

To DJ: I love to wear something that says “party” but still be super comfortable to move in like the Leighton Mini dress
For a date night: For date night I’d want something sexy but comfortable, like the Miso Sweater with the Sebastian Leather Pants.

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