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8 Productivity Hacks We Learned From Our WeWork Community

Being productive at the start of the year is important because it can set the tone for the whole year. With the fresh decade rolling in, we were inspired to revisit our goals and reprioritize our lives.

To keep the new year momentum going, we asked 7 WeWork members to share their productivity hacks. Get inspired and get things done with the productivity hacks below.

Tyler, WeWork Community Lead

“Getting up and being active in the morning, either I’ll walk to work or go on a hike. I make sure my brain is functioning before I get to work. It helps me be productive as soon as I get there. I also drink lots of coffee and juice in the morning!”

Rachel, Sales

“If you have dogs, get an office at WeWork so that you won’t play with your dogs all day. You won’t have an excuse to be productive. Like you won’t think of doing other things at home such as your laundry or giving your dog another bath. Getting into a coworking space is an ideal environment”

“You can also mute on certain accounts especially the personal stuff – like online sales and promotions. They really get you!”

“It’s also cool that you can have lunch sent here at WeWork so you don’t waste your time going out to grab lunch because that takes time. I also hide and focus at the telephone booths here.”

Steve, IT Consultant

“I’ve been using this app called Things. You can put things that are recurring daily and set other things on a specific day and then they just pop-up every day. Another trick is to reprioritize all the time. We use another application at work called ZenDesk. A client sends in a task that they need us to do then we reprioritize things based on these requests.”

Another trick is to reprioritize all the time

Ryan, Creative Director

“I try to organize the tasks that I have in the day. I’m not a morning person, I am a zombie in the morning so I try to do all of my e-mails, admin stuff and non-creative stuff in the morning because I have less energy. I do more creative stuff once I have woken up in the afternoon.”

Rodolfo, Marketing

“I have to start my morning with my own ‘grown-up’ routine. I need to shower, have breakfast and coffee and get my reading done in the morning. Those four things set the tone for the rest of the day. If these things are done in the morning, I am pretty productive.”

Stephen, WeWork Community Manger

“One trick I do is I use my email drafts as my to-do list. So when I get an email in, I hit reply and leave it on drafts. My emails are my notifications – I need to clear out my inbox every single day. When there’s something important and urgent that I need to do, I just queue the drafts up.”

Gestiny, WeWork Community Manager

“I always make a to-do list for the day. I handwrite my list so I get to cross it off and that list helps me whenever I get off track because I get distracted easily.”

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