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Lou Flowers x Song Of Style


Lou Flowers x Song Of Style

This week we are featuring Lindsay Cummins, Los Angeles florist and the owner of the inspiring and unique Lou Flowers. We collaborated with Lindsay to create three flower arrangements for the latest Song of Style collection. Watch the IGTV here.

“Something I create that comes from within me makes others feel things the same way that flowers make me – it’s very fulfilling.”

How did you get into floral design?

I was working full time in fashion, had an amazing job, a great career and traveled the world, I just felt like something was missing. Opening up a flower shop was something I’ve always wanted to do so I decided to retire and become a florist – it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

What do you love the most about being a florist?

The best part of my job is being able to express myself creatively and having others who want me to express an emotion for them. When people order flowers, it’s because they want to show love and gratitude, to celebrate and show sympathy. It feels very special that I get to take a part in that. Something I create that comes from within me makes others feel things the same way that flowers make me – it’s very fulfilling.

Lindsay wearing the Song of Style Romi Belted Cardigan

Merrick Midi Dress and Ashton Pant

This Merrick Midi Dress and Ashton Pant set is minimal and modern. I mostly wanted to focus on the outstanding color and let the other elements of the arrangements compliment it. I used a lot of texture and made it sculptural.

Bennett Jacket and Skirt

I wanted this arrangement to have a soft edge and incorporate some of the beautiful fall colors. I tweaked some of the soft flowers like roses and tulips to make them look cool and different to emulate this set.

Tatum Midi Dress

This print on the Tatum Midi Dress was at first challenging. It brought me back to how I loved to use baby’s breath, which always feels like a cloud and the milky way. So I took that idea and ran with it. The individual flowers represent different zodiac signs. You look at all the flowers and you wouldn’t necessary pair them together.

Where do you pull inspiration for your arrangements? What’s the process?

I love mood boards. Seasonally for Lou Flowers, I’d like to make one so that I can stay on track. A lot of times creative people get really excited about the next thing and the next thing so having a mood board helps me to focus – it’s my favorite part of the process.

Working on this project was great because I love to use Song of Style as a mood board and these pieces to really inspire me. And, it inspired me a little bit more to add to my own mood board.

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