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9 Podcasts For Your Morning Commute

Here at Song of Style, we are all about productivity and self-improvement. The members of our team recently professed their obsession with podcasts and how it turns their commute to work into an opportunity to learn and be more aware of our current climate. — we really love the idea of ‘car schooling’. Instead of listening to the same playlist every morning, podcasts are a great alternative! Read on for 9 podcasts we are currently listening to:

Aimee’s Picks

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

 I try to listen as often as I can especially when I’m on planes or traveling. The latest one I listened to that really made me think, ‘OMG’ was The Best Relationship Advice episode which was about Oprah’s  life-changing advice she received from her mentor Dr. Maya Angelou—”When someone tells you who they are, believe them”

Slow Burn

Slow Burn on the whole Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky scandal was so interesting and entertaining especially since I kinda knew about it but was so young when that happened that I didn’t actually know what happened. This podcast series feels like your being hooked to your fav TV series. Super addicting!

Brea’s Picks

The Daily by the NYTimes

This is part of my daily routine, I don’t like to start the day without. With so much news happening every day and the current state of the political climate,, it is more important than ever to stay well informed. The Daily does a fantastic job of taking the most relevant stories and breaking it down in an honest and unbiased way.

I’m Over It by Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

My friend Atlanta does such a wonderful job of addressing issues that affect all of us and are sometimes not spoken about enough including mental and sexual health, industry woes, social media burnout, and the everyday battles we go through as women. She has a great lineup up of women she interviews who are refreshingly raw, open and honest.

Dolly Parton’s America by WNYC Studios

I cannot even begin to explain how enthralled I am with Dolly Parton so this podcast was a godsend! One of the guys behind Radiolab, Jad Abumrad, did a spin-off on Dolly and how she has touched so many lives throughout her long and impressive career. He interviews her over the course of 9 episodes and it is intimate, heartwarming and a must-listen.

The Moth

This was one of the first podcasts I got into after This American Life (the OG pod, love you Ira Glass!). It showcases a range of storytellers that are connected by a theme – love, pain, strength, etc. – who come forth to share their unique experiences with others. All episodes are recoded live so you can actually catch a show in Los Angeles or around the country!

Patricia’s Picks

Freakonomics Radio

I love that Stephen Dubner invites different intellectuals and entrepreneurs to discuss socioeconomic issues and anything and everything under the sun. I recommend these episodes to start:  Episode 367 –  The Future of Meat and Episode 314 – What Does a CEO Actually do 

How I Built This With Guy Raz

I love hearing success stories! In this podcast, innovators and entrepreneurs share their journey on how they built their companies that we all love today. Recommended episodes: Away: Jen Rubio and All Birds: Tim Brown & Zoey Zwillinger

Before Breakfast With Laura Vanderkam

For those with shorter commutes, this podcast is for you! Episodes are all under 10 minutes. The host, Laura Vanderkam, shares her life tweaks and productivity hacks to make you and your days better. Recommended episodes: What Procrastination Can Teach Us and Thursday is The Real Hump Day

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