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At Home With Devin Brugman


At Home With Devin Brugman

An entrepreneur, designer, influencer and model, Devin Brugman is a multifaceted boss babe. Dressed in head to toe Song of Style, she showed us around her beautiful mid-century modern home and how she starts her day.

First thing you do when you wake up?

The first thing I do right when I wake up is kiss my boyfriend, Yaro.

What podcast or book are you most engrossed in at the moment?

I am loving the Crime Junkies podcast at the moment!! They are sooooo creepy but very addicting. 

“Having an edge will set you apart from everyone else and you will be recognized for that. Stay consistent, positive, driven, work hard, be patient and don’t expect success overnight.”

You just moved into a new place, which room are you looking forward to decorating the most?

The living room! It’s my favorite room in the house because of the French windows and charming fireplace. I’m currently working on making it cozy, comfortable and simple.

Favorite home decor spots?

Restoration Hardware, 1stdibs, Fairfax Flea Market, Modernica, The Real Real, Serena & Lily, and France & Sons!!

Take us through a typical workday

In the world of an entrepreneur and influencer, days are hardly ever the same! When I am in LA, I will generally have a day or two throughout the week to shoot content, work on personal collaborations and the rest of the week I am in the office with the Monday Swimwear team! :)

How long have you and Tash had Monday Swimwear?

Natasha and I have had Monday Swimwear for four years and still going strong! We love it, it’s our baby and we’re excited to see what’s to come.

What is it like to run a business with your best friend? What are the challenges you two have faced?

Natasha and I are so different that we balance each other out perfectly. We’ve always valued each others’ opinions and respect each other greatly. We see challenges as learning opportunities and try to stay positive through any hard times. I truly believe this mentality has greatly attributed to our success. 

If someone wanted to start a swimwear line now – what would be your best piece of advice?

Hone in on what makes your line unique and focus on that from a business and creative angle. Having an edge will set you apart from everyone else and you will be recognized for that. Stay consistent, positive, driven, work hard, be patient and don’t expect success overnight.

Since you attended business school, did you have other business ventures in mind prior to the swimwear line? How did going to business school help you? 

Business school gave me the tools and background to understand the basics of how a business is run successfully. They taught us the textbook methods for scaling and what to expect at different stages of growth. But Natasha and I starting our own business together gave me a real life opportunity to apply this knowledge and learn so much more from the first hand experience. Also, the relationships I built in college have been so important for me. Monday Swimwear’s Director of Operations, Ahna Tillmanns, was one of my dearest friends in school since we were in all the same classes and groups, and we now still have the opportunity to continue working together!

What skills and qualities do you look for when hiring for your team?

It’s important for us to hire a team that has a positive attitude, dedication, and a strong willingness/eagerness to learn and grow with us.

What is your favorite piece of SOS?

I can’t stop wearing the Bennie leather jacket. I am a 90’s girl so this is right up my alley.

You have a busy day ahead, what SOS piece do you wear?

This Amelia Coat and Salem Pant.

Favorite lunch spot in LA?

Mauro’s Cafe.

Best jet-lag remedy?

Fight the urge to sleep until your normal bedtime! As sickening and hard as it is, it will help you get through it quicker. Also, stay hydrated and try to take it easy.

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