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Meet Brea, Our Brand Manager, And The New Sweater Collection


Meet Brea, Our Brand Manager, And The New Sweater Collection

Brea, our Brand Manager, oversees the brand’s social calendar, creative concepts, design strategy, marketing and events – ALL THINGS SOS! She invited us into her lovely home where we chatted her philosophy in shopping vintage goodies as well as her favorite pieces from the new Song of Style sweater collection.

Song of Style Salma Sweater

Three things that you can’t live without in the summer? 

SPF 50 minimum! a summer read and la croix

Three things in your closet that you can’t live without in the summer? 

Linen everything, Havaianas and A massive hat for sun protection!

Song of Style Lucien Sweater

If you can only wear one piece from SOS new collection for the rest of your life, which one would it be? 

The Dumas Sweater and Skirt set – it is chic and comfy. I could wear it to the office or the airport.

Song of Style Dumas Sweater and Skirt

Your style is so effortlessly french and you have some of the best thrifted pieces (like these white cowboy boots), what’s your secret to finding them?

Thank you! I have a California spin on french style plus the bangs always add a little Parisian touch.

I live for vintage – I love the experience of finding that perfect special piece that only you have, not trend driven or what every girl on instagram has. it allows for more personal freedom and versatility when it comes to my style. There are a few questions I ask myself when shopping – will I have buyer’s remorse if I don’t purchase it? Do I already have something similar like it in my closet aka black strappy sandals? And if I don’t wear it within the year, I resell it or give it to my sisters or friends – keep the clothing recycle circle going.

If I know exactly what I want and my size, color, etc., I will look for it on eBay or Etsy and have a pretty good track record of always finding it.

Song of Style Valentina Sweater

What’s a perfect summer vacay for you? 

Mexico is always a must for me or South of France, because ya know, it’s France and life is good there.

Song of Style Mikkah Dress

Something exciting coming for SOS? 

We have a lot in the works but I am looking forward to launching our e-commerce site in the Fall. Stay tuned!

Song of Style Anita Dress

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