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Friday Favorites

Summer Movies That Make Us Feel Some Type of Way

Aimee’s picks

My Girl

It is my go-to summer movie – I can’t count how many times I’ve seen this movie and cried, laughed, and felt butterflies in my stomach. I love the friendship between the main characters Vada and Thomas – them biking together, hanging in the wood, climbing on the tree by the river and their first kiss. It brings back so many great childhood memories for me and definitely makes me feel some type of way. 

Call Me By Your Name

I love the setting of this movie and of course the storyline. When I think of an ideal summer vacation, I keep picturing the beautiful Italian villa Elio where his family lived in and the romance between Elio and Oliver. 

Brea’s picks

Lady Bird

This movie was so touching to me as it takes places the same year that I was 17 in the same area I grew up in California. Saoirse Ronan’s struggles really hit home and I think it does for all women coming-of-age. It’s a vulnerable time when you are forced to figure out your next steps in life post high school, the feeling of wanting to get far away from where you grew up and also the uncertainty of the unknown ahead.

Empire Records

Because Liz Tyler is my ultimate muse! The music, the outfits, the cast – it’s a feel good, fun movie and a flashback to some amazing 90s fashion moments.

Sophia’s Pick

The Intouchables

The Intouchables is a heartwarming French comedy. The movie is based on a true story of a multimillionaire Philippean who hires an ex-con to be his live-in caretaker after an accident. The two men, who are from a complete opposite background, bonded through doing a variety of activities in charming Paris and found happiness from their friendship. I couldn’t help but smile through the entire movie and it left me in happy tears at the end! Highly recommend.

Maggie’s Pick

Leon: The Professional

When 12-year-old Matilda stumbled upon a cold-hearted solitary hitman named Leon. I watched this movie so many times; each time it leaves my heart so warm and fuzzy, but broken and wrenched at the same time.

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