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7 Books To Read This Summer


7 Books To Read This Summer

Summer is our favorite season for many reasons – one being summer reading! We are celebrating the first day of summer with a new book list compiled by me and Breanna from the SOS team.

Aimee’s picks

Becoming by Michelle Obama

I forgot to pack a book for my trip to Seoul, so I bought this book at the airport. I’ve always been curious to know more about Michelle Obama and her backstory. This book takes you through her childhood all the way to her journey of becoming the First Lady of the United States. I haven’t read many autobiographies but I absolutely loved this one and finished it so fast. It’ll leave you so inspired and wanting more.

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World by Hans Rosling

This is the book I’m currently reading and it’s about the importance of embracing a worldview based on facts so that we don’t lose our ability to focus on the things that threaten us the most, as we tend to worry about everything based on emotion, not facts. It’s not a page turner, because so many of the anecdotes are date based driven, but it’s definitely an interesting read that I’m determined to finish.

Brea’s Picks

You’ll find me nose deep in a book whether I’m on a flight or trying to stay awake to read one more page before bed. Here’s my current summer reads list that range in genre but are all worthy of your summer book club series.

Circle by Madeline Miller

A mythical page turner full of all the famous Greek gods and goddesses, their unique powers and a bit of witchcraft that make it hard to put down and perfect for poolside. It weaves in family rivalries, love stories and hundreds of years of mythical stories with its main heroine, Circe – a standout female character amongst the male dominated world.

A little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Where to even begin? This book can only be summed up as devastatingly beautiful and beautifully devastating. If you haven’t already read it, you have probably heard of it, seen the “Jude & JB & Willem & Malcolm” shirt worn by Antoni on Queer Eye or seen a crying stranger on a plane holding the book (which was most likely me). It takes about 100 pages to get into the flow and character dynamics but once you do, it soars. It is a dynamic and heart wrenching coming of age story about four friends in New York City and is over 700 pages so perfect for the summer months ahead although I read it ravenously over two weeks. Aimee also included this book in her summer book last year. Join the A Little Life cult.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion

A classic and timeless must read. I love short stories for summer because you can pick it up, put it down and jump in the pool. Her prolific writing style shines in one of my favorite novels from Didion, a true and honest look into the cultural landscape and some of the most pressing issues of 1960s California. This is one of my most underlined and dogeared books I own and always find myself coming back and re-reading certain phrases that resonate with me again and again.

We Were The Lucky Onesby Georgia Hunter

This one is a tear jerker but such an incredible story of one family’s unconditional love, hope and strength. Written by the granddaughter of one of the main characters, Hunter explores the true story of how her Jewish family is split apart at the beginning of World War II to all ends of the world. The book tells an unbelievable account of each family members’ harrowing stories of survival, the will to persevere and reunite.

Homecomingby Yaa Gyasi

A tale intertwined across two countries, historical events and many generations, the stories take place in both America and Ghana and are told through the perspective of two half-sisters whom have never met. Gyasi weaves together stories of distant relatives with each chapter from a different point of view all experiencing different degrees of love, loss and the courage to carry on.

Next on my list, I just started the first book in the four-part series My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. Tell us what you’re reading so we can add to our list!

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