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Why I Started My Own Brand

By now, you may have already heard the news via Instagram or the Business of Fashion article – my first label is here! The collection, Song of Style, is available now exclusively on Revolve. This moment is surreal. I’ve been working towards this for SO long and am really excited for you to see the collection, and wear it, of course! 

Before influencers became a thing, or influencer merchandise and brand collabs became a thing, I humbly started a t-shirt line in my hometown in L.A. The line was called Two Songs and I created it in partnership with my sister, Dani. The t-shirts were designed, produced, and even shipped by my sister and I. Although I wanted to do more with the line, I just didn’t have the bandwidth. The line was a huge success in terms of sales, but I didn’t have a team in place or the infrastructure and knowledge to continue the line. As my career as a blogger grew, design and collab opportunities came through. I was always hesitant to accept because I didn’t want to plaster my name on everything, unless I believed in it 100%. Throughout my 10 year career as a blogger, I’ve only done 2 design collaborations and remained choiceful about what I do; I want to ensure that when I’m doing something, it’s something that makes the most sense for both you and I. One was with a Brazilian shoe brand that wasn’t known in the US yet called Schutz, and the other was with Korean sunglass brand Gentle Monster. Both design collaborations were hugely successful. I believe this is because I was true to myself in these partnerships and you guys responded. So when other opportunities came my way to start my own label or do a design collaboration, I wasn’t quick to jump on it until I found a trusted partner. 

Around 6-7 years ago, on Thanksgiving, Michael Mente from Revolve and I went hiking. During our hike, we mentioned what we wanted to do in 5, 10 years. I told him I wanted to start a brand one day. Well, that one day is finally here. I’m excited that I finally have an incredible team to help me with my visions and that Song of Style, the label, is finally happening. It’s even more exciting that I’m doing it with Revolve because the entire Revolve family is really family to me. We have spent New Year’s, baby showers, birthdays, dinners, Sundays together… I feel very good about this partnership. 

I am working with so many incredible people to make this line happen, both from Revolve and my Song of Style team. I want to give a special thanks to Michael, Raissa and Mitch for rooting for me always, both with this collection and outside of it. 

I’m so proud of the collection and can’t wait to see you wearing the collection because it’s soooo good! Now the collection is available to shop on Revolve.

I’ve been reading all of your comments and thank you so much for the tremendous support and I promise the line won’t disappoint!!

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