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City Guide

How To Take The Best Pictures On Vacation

City Guide

How To Take The Best Pictures On Vacation

Do some digging

We suggest that when you are packing for your vacation, go on Instagram and check out photos of the tagged location of where you are visiting. Knowing the aesthetics and colors of the location in advance will give a general idea of how your pictures will turn out. Go to our Lisbon City Guide to check out where most of our pictures were taken.

Go higher

Rooftops have been our girls’ favorite spot to take the most stunning photos throughout the whole trip in Lisbon. Lean on the edge and have your photographer friend take the picture from a higher angle, you will have the whole city as your backdrop.

Lily Maymac, Song Dani and Kat Collings in our new Song of Style collection next to the most luxurious earthy-toned Lisbon roofs.

Follow the prints

Another tip is to look for pretty walls to use as your backdrop. It was very lucky for us that Lisbon is full of beautiful tiles around every corner of the city. The prints on the wall added a nice subtle texture to the photo.

Twin with your friends

When it comes to taking group photos with your friends, you will get the strongest photos if your outfits are matching. When you are getting dressed in the morning, text each other a photo of what you are wearing so you can coordinate your outfits to match.

The #Songsters taking Lisbon in matching prints

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