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Ethical Fashion Brands for a Sustainable Wardrobe

I have always valued sustainability. In my home, we try to conserve water and use less plastic and even in our office at We Work, we practice sustainability on our consumption of supplies and electricity. Now, as a lot of emerging fashion brands are focusing on sustainability, we can now be assured that the items we purchase do not harm the environment. Sustainable fashion is still a work in progress but we could definitely achieve a holistically sustainable lifestyle in the future. Read on to see the four sustainable brands that are not only good for the environment but also good in style.

Active Wear: Outdoor voices
Who would have thought these cute workout clothes are made from recycled plastic bottles? Outdoor Voices is known for its recycled polyester fabric that is durable and efficient for an active lifestyle. I love that these workout clothes are not only sustainable but they are designed so nicely that I don’t mind running errands wearing them!

Denim: Boyish Jeans
Since we wear denim all year round, I included Boyish Jeans the list so we could invest in sustainable pieces that we would wear all the time. Boyish Jeans is a denim brand that prides itself of its sustainability framework; in their production process, they have reduced their water consumption by 2/3 compared to a regular denim production. I’m loving all the relaxed jeans from their line!

Lingerie: Pansy
Pansy uses organic cotton on their underwear, the organic cotton is actually grown, processed and sewn domestically in California. Rest assured that these underwear are locally made! The underwear that comes in several dreamy colors are actually not mass produced and sewn with lots of love.

Wardrobe Basics: Everlane
You may have heard of this brand already but I like how transparent they are at Everlane. They share the production information on line and even the breakdown of costs and the mark up they charge on their products. Everything is also reasonably priced compared to fast fashion counterparts; shop here for some basic investment pieces.

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