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How I Get Rid Of The Midday Slump, Including This Magical Tea

I am finally home in LA for a week after NYFW. Not gonna lie, I’ve been EXHAUSTED, but I’m still trying my best to show up at our WeWork office. Once the afternoon rolls around, I hit the midday slump can’t seem to find the energy for my long to-do list. I’m sure most of you have experienced this when the clock strikes two in the afternoon. I want to share my tips on how to power through a midday slump and get the productivity back on track without chucking the 4th coffee of the day.

1. Go Outside

The first tip is simple but makes easy midday ‘pick me up’. I get up from my desk and go for a short walk. I take at least ten minutes away from my workspace to get some fresh air. Since our office is at WeWork, I usually head to the balcony, a perfect area for me to do some stretching and meditation.

2. Talk

My second tip is to talk to someone. Little conversations about anything (even about the weather or your weekend!) can help refresh the mind. WeWork’s common areas make social interactions easy.

3. Deep Work

Deep work is a new concept for our team. The idea is to schedule 2-3 hours in the morning when you have the most concentration and energy for the most important tasks. I’d usually block out 2 hours in the morning to just be on my laptop and answer as many emails as possible. Then I’d schedule meetings in the afternoon because that forces me to talk to people and be more engaged.

4. Change Location

The next tip would be a change of scenery! Working on the same desk for 7 hours a day can be very dull and uninspiring. I usually just head to another work area at our office.

For our team meetings, we book the spacious conference rooms; or if you need some alone time, you can head to the phone booth. They are small and soundproof cubicles that isolate you from distractions; perfect for staying focused!

5. Schedule a ‘Me Time’

I keep some of my favorite products with me on my desk. Since I have dry skin, I love to refresh with the Evian Mineral Spray or the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. I also lather cream all over my hands because office airconditioning can be really drying. This one from Kiehl’s gets the job done. The SOS team loves the coconut scent on this Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy. Speaking of scents, applying a spritz of your favorite scent (Miss Dior in my case) also helps. This is probably my favorite upper in the afternoon! When work gets in the way of everything, I hope we won’t forget to give time for ourselves. At the end of the day all we need is some #SelfLove.

6. Caffeinated Tea

This caffeinated tea is something that I discovered recently. I was skeptical about this at first but it really works. I like this better than an energy drink or coffee because it’s more natural and it doesn’t give you an energy crash like coffee does.

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