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My go-to spots in New York – Restaurants, Workouts, and Quick Snacks

September 18, 2018 - 20 Comments

This year’s New York Fashion Week went by so quickly! I had an amazing time seeing all of the new collections from some of my favorite designers, seeing some of my favorite friends in the industry, and putting together some fun and stylish looks with my new favorite trend: cowboy boots.

I thought it would be fun to give you a short recap of some of my favorite places to go in the city outside of anything related to fashion. I mentioned a few of them on my vlog, but I also wanted to list them below and tell you a little more about them!

1. Juice Press – Whenever I’m traveling, it’s really important for me to keep my immune system up and running. It’s really easy to get sick while traveling, so having access to healthy snacks and juices is a great way for me to stay healthy on the road. Juice Press is one of my favorite places, because there are many locations all around New York City, and I can always get a healthy and delicious juice. I love Juice Press’s ginger fireball shots because they really keep any sickness at bay. They are super spicy, but always make me feel great!  Also, I like drinking the Greens + Earth green juice blend because it makes me feel so rejuvenated when traveling from LA to New York.

2. Bocaphe – Bocaphe is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC! It’s located in Soho, and offers incredible French-influenced Vietnamese dishes. I don’t usually eat dairy because I have really sensitive skin and dairy can cause my skin to flare up. However, I sometimes make exceptions, and Bocaphe is one of those exceptions! At Bocaphe, they make incredible quinoa and cream cheese spring rolls, so it’s one of my favorite places to indulge in something I don’t usually eat!

3. 11 Howard – 11 Howard is my home away from home! I’ve been staying here during every New York Fashion Week for the past couple of years, so every time I stay here, I feel so comfortable and taken care of. I love the minimal design aesthetic. Rooms are a very decent size for hotels in Manhattan, and it’s super well-designed and beautifully configured. The staff hasn’t changed, so I love seeing the familiar faces and they’re all so kind and helpful. Not to mention, I love getting the avocado toast every morning as they’re so generous with the amount of avocado! Over the years, it has become a popular destination and their bar/club, The Blond, has become a popular hangout.4. Mercer Kitchen – Mercer Kitchen is located in the Mercer Hotel, and is definitely a hot spot for downtown it girls like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. It’s at a great location with a variety of food. If you’re feeling healthy you can order quinoa and vegetable medley, and if you just want something unhealthy and delicious you can get the fries and truffle pizza.5. Joe and the Juice – Joe and the Juice is another great place to go for a healthy juice when I need a little pick-me-up during fashion week. Plus, they are located everywhere around New York City, so they are vey convenient for a last minute juice or smoothie. As a pescatarian, it’s difficult for me to find snacks on the go. I like getting the Green Goddess smoothie because it definitely helps keep me regular when I’m traveling! It’s also a great way to get an extra boost of veggies when I’m running around the city for meetings and shows. 6. Jack’s Wife Freda – This is another incredible little Soho spot with amazing food, and it’s located right next to Bocaphe. I feel like I come to the same block in Soho literally every day that I’m here, because one day I’ll be feeling Vietnamese food, and one day I’ll be feeling a good ol’ avocado toast from Jack’s Wife Freda. A lot of members of the fashion community like to eat here, so it’s a great spot for people watching as well!7. 305 Fitness – This is where I usually go for a quick workout during NYFW. It is a 60-minute cardio dance workout class with fun hip-hop music played by a DJ in each class. In the class, you do dance moves and some light weight workouts on a mat. What I love about this dance class is that you can be from all levels – from beginner to advanced dancer – and still being able to follow along. Also, the energy of the instructors are on a whole other level so it feels really fun and I noticed that time goes by so fast. If you ever feel stressed, its a great way to de-stress while getting your cardio in. Plus, working out is a great way to reduce jet lag and also keep your immune system and energy levels up while traveling!

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