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Phuket Travel Guide – What to wear and where to go

January 22, 2018 - 54 Comments

I recently just came back from Phuket, Thailand and I want to share my experiences with you. This bustling island can be a relaxing destination full of hot spots to go to.

Weather:Phuket has a warm temperate climate all year round. The weather stays around 75 degrees. However, it can rain a lot. If you want to visit during the winter months, it will rain less but cost you more because it is peak tourist season. If you go in the summer months, you will get rain but save on local activities.

1. The Tuk-Tuk: The tuk-tuk is your best friend! It is a small, covered 3-wheeled taxi and can get you quickly from point A to point B. It is much more fun than being in a car and it’s cheaper!
2. Speedboats: There are many gorgeous islands around Phuket and I highly recommend visiting them because that is where you see all those gorgeous images on google. Getting to those islands is easy all you have to do is join a local tour. They are offered everywhere in the city areas of Phuket. They come and pick you up from your hotel, take you to a destination for an entire day (lunch included) and then take you home at night. Just make sure to negotiate with the business by comparing prices in order to get the best price.
3. Motorcycles: I saw a lot of people riding motorcycles and mopeds around town. It is a speedy way to zip from place to place if you can drive one. They are available to rent at a daily rate!

What to pack:
Before going to Thailand I researched the weather to pack what I needed. It said it would be humid, which meant lightweight clothing so I wouldn’t feel sticky! I’m talking about cotton and linen, not leather and faux fur! I stuck to that rule of thumb and it saved me in the humidity. Layering is key when it comes to tropical destinations. This means that I packed a lot of button downs to throw on over bikinis, midi dresses, and loose clothing. I thought it best to provide a list for you guys to pack what you need to bring!1. Wrap dresses and flowy dresses are a must! I am wearing Nicholas wrap dress (similar here) on the left and a white polka dot dress on the right (similar here).
2. Button downs are essential. I bought a lot of button downs to layer over swimsuits and t-shirts. One that I love is this LPA green leopard blouse. 3. Denim shorts are great to wear over your bikini bottoms and one pair of jeans in case you get chilly at night. You will need to throw on some denim when going from the beach to the hotel. I am wearing this pair of GRLFRND denim shorts.4. Swimsuits! Try to find one that can double as an off the shoulder top or a one piece you can wear with shorts. Cute swimwear always makes you feel great when swimming in the warm water. While I was in Phuket, I liked this Tularosa off-the-shoulder top and the Tularosa cropped  tank top.
5. A lightweight jacket for the night is a smart choice. I bought a denim jacket in case I was cold at night and it came in handy when I was out to dinner.

6. Sandals to wear to the beach and around town are necessary to bring. To be honest, I was mostly barefoot but whenever I have to wear shoes I wore this pair of metallic sandals. I recommend bringing flip-flops for the beach and one with a heel if you go out to a nice dinner.
7. A pair of sneakers for hiking if you plan to hike. I did not go hiking, but I did ended up using sneakers at the hotel gym.
8. I can’t stress this enough, but bring sunscreen! You don’t want to end up sunburnt or stopping on a busy trip to just pick up that one essential item you forgot.

Where to stay:
Amanpuri Villa: I stayed here while in Phuket and it was the most incredible and hospitable experience. Everyone was friendly and they had savoy, fresh food (You know me I need some yummy food!). Everyday I had steamed vegetables (I even just bought the food steamer so I can start steaming my own vegetables). I also ate plenty of Pad Thai, fish, avocado, and tons of mangos and papayas. They also make you custom fresh juices and smoothies so this LA girl was very happy. The peaceful atmosphere and spectacular views allowed me to relax after lively dinners and long outings. It was a home away from home.

What to do:

1. Elephant Sanctuary: A once in a lifetime experience is visiting the elephants at the elephant sanctuary. It was an incredible experience I will never forget. It was humbling to see such gentle giants treated humanely and ethically. You are able to feed and observe the beautiful creatures and the best part is that they are in a safe environment when doing so. This is something you will want to book in advanced, as it is a popular activity.2. Lard Yai Night Market: The night markets in Phuket are a sight to see! I went to the Lard Yai market and was entranced by the colorful square and neon lights. It gets very packed and at one point, I lost Jacopo which was why I wasn’t able to get a discount or negotiate. However, I still got a pair of trendy sunglasses and absolutely adore them! I recommend going later in the day because then they are more likely to give you a better deal when you negotiate!3. Water Sports: Phuket is a great place to rent a boat and go out on the water. A lot of services that take you to islands via boat can be overpriced though so I suggest bargaining with them. If you have major negotiating skills, this is a place to try them out! Always be nice though instead of demanding. Usually the boat services offer water activities like snorkeling or floats for the water. Make sure they have these when booking!
5. Thai massage: Once you receive a Thai massage, your life will be changed! I swear it puts you at ease and you feel restored after an hour-long massage. I got one at the hotel and one outside, and definitely outside the hotel is so much cheaper.
6. Ko Long: Ko Long is a small island towards the South of Phuket. If you are up for an adventure, you can ask to book a boat ride out to the island where boats will feed you lunch and entertain you with water activities. Now here is the trick, bargain the price before you pay to go on the boat. It is usually priced a lot higher for tourists, but if you know it is a high price mention it and bargain that price down. Don’t forget to check the weather before heading out to sea!
7. James Bond Island: Who doesn’t love James Bond? This island is famous for being in one of the James Bond films and boy does it live up to what is seen in the movie. Limestone cliffs are surrounding you and the water is emerald green! Unfortunately, it can fill up with tourist’s boats during high season so make sure to book a boat out here in the morning to enjoy the magic.
8. Patong Beach: If you are looking to go out at night, Patong Beach is the place to go! Patong Beach at night is filled with neon signs, live music, good restaurant and bars!

Where to eat:

1. Pan Yaah Restaurant: This traditional Thai restaurant overlooks the bay while still maintaining its own tropical vibes. The fish dishes are mouthwatering and leave you more than satisfied. It is more casual with plenty of fresh fish available to order so lunch here is best.
2. Blue Elephant: I had the pleasure of dining at Blue Elephant one night with the entire group with Revolve. It was such an inviting ambiance with authentic Thai cuisine. If you are a foodie and want to splurge on the finest authentic Thai food, this is the place to go.
3. Kan Eang Pier: The Kan Eang Pier restaurant is heavenly! The cuisine ranges from local Thai specialties to Japanese style sushi. When I took the first bite of my meal I instantly knew they use fresh ingredients. I ate so much while I was there.

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