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Kyoto Guide – Where to Stay, What to See, and What to Eat

May 24, 2017 - 113 Comments

Aimee Song of Song of Style blog visits Kyoto wearing Louis VuittonTouched down in Kyoto last week! Japan is one of my favorite countries that I’ve ever been to, but I had never been to Kyoto before this trip. It’s such a different vibe from Tokyo because it’s so much more like traditional old Japan. I definitely recommend visiting Kyoto when you’re in Japan, so here is my guide for where to stay, what to see, and where to go while you’re there! It’s a 13 hour flight there, so I kept comfy but chic in a Louis Vuitton jacket, Topman sweater (I like to shop in the men’s sections sometimes, especially at high-street stores, because I like the boxy fit), Helmut Lang pants (affordable version here but there’s a huge sale at Net-A-Porter right now), Louis Vuitton boots.Coffee time at my hotel. I stayed at the Four Seasons, which was right across from the Hyatt. Kyoto also has such nice hostels, like the Piece Hostel Sanjo, that are more affordable and great for when you want to stay for a long time and really experience the city. My friend stayed at the Piece Hostel Sanjo and she said it’s the nicest one she’s ever stayed at! It’s also all girls, which is safer if you’re a girl traveling alone. Can you tell I have a specific color palette? I brought pretty much all of my favorite shoes, like the Celine sandals that I wore most of the time, The Row mules that I have on repeat, and I also brought my Prada slides. The only pair of shoes I didn’t bring that I wish I did are a pair of Converse because we did so much more walking around than I expected. Exploring on the first day, wearing a Louis Vuitton skirt, Louis Vuitton jacket, and Louis Vuitton boots.
After walking around so much on the first day, I made sure to be a little more comfortable on the second day. I wore a pair of white Levi’s jeans (similar here, and under $100 here, and here), black t-shirt, and Celine sandals (affordable version here, and they also come in blush pink so you could mix and match if you get both!). It’s a pretty basic outfit, but I think the details of the Kansai Yamamoto x Louis Vuitton scarf and the Ruslan Baginskiy hat (super similar here) take it to the next level.We spent a lot of time at Nishiki Market, which is such a cool place filled with cute shops, restaurants, and even a huge arcade. Jacopo and I had some fun with one of the photo machines that give you instant plastic surgery, and had a DDR dance battle. Make sure to always have cash on hand because a lot of the vendors don’t take cards. Especially the ones on the side of the street selling dried fruits and souvenirs. I may or may not have spent all of our cash on dried mangos and apples…Kyoto is full of temples, and one of my favorite ones was Kinkaku-ji, which is so beautiful because of its gold color. Turns out it’s a lot of people’s favorites though because it was super packed with tourists when we went — and it was 11:30am on a Monday. I was able to get this picture without anyone in it, but if you want one like that with yourself in it, you’ll want to get there really early in the morning. You can walk around here a lot more, but there was so much more that I wanted to see so I didn’t stay as long–also my shoes were not ideal for hiking little trails.This is still at Kinkaku-ji but from a different angle. You know I love to match my surroundings, so I wore a yellow Sea NY top, Sea NY Jeans (also in light pink and tan), and Louis Vuitton boots. Exploring the Fushimi-Inari shrine in a blue Mara Hoffman Dress (similar here), and Celine Sandals (similar here). I did a whole blog post about this outfit, but you really have to check out the Fushimi Inari shrine. This is technically a tourist trap, which I always try to avoid, but in Kyoto, they’re only touristy because they’re traditional and beautiful. If you watch my YouTube video, you can see some more from here, like writing your wishes on a piece of wood and burning incense. I wished for the health of my family and had some super nice and encouraging students help me with my Japanese writing! This day we did the most walking, so I did wear my most comfortable shoes–the Prada slides. I mean, my outfit was cute, but I still wish I had those sneakers. We started at the top of a hill at the Kyomizu-dera temple, and then made our way down to Nishiki Market. We took a cab for a little bit, but I really like to walk around when I’m in a new place because you get to see so much more. Wearing Amo jeans, an SJYP trench (similar here), a Janessa Leone hat, and Prada slides This was one of my favorite meals that we had, at a place called Izu sushi. It was such an interesting kind of sushi and different than I’ve ever had it–it was wrapped in a leaf, and you had to unwrap it to get to the sushi inside. We went at 8:30pm and there was like nobody inside, so i was worried that it wasn’t good, but it was actually delicious. The restaurant also started to fill up a little bit after we sat down. You absolutely have to make time to go to Nara. It’s about an hour drive from Kyoto but so worth it because of this deer park! We spent about a half day here and then went back to Kyoto to explore Nishiki Market some more. If you watch my YouTube video, you’ll see these deer repeatedly bite me in the butt! I’m wearing a Sea NY ruffle top, Sea NY wide leg jeans (also in light pink and tan), Celine Sandals, and Rebecca de Ravenel clip-on earrings. I have some more favorite places that I didn’t take pictures of, like Arashiyama, which is an incredible bamboo forest, and Royanji, which is a pretty temple with a rock garden. I hope you enjoyed my Kyoto guide and I hope you get to visit one day! Make sure to tag me in your Instagram photos if you go to any of the places that I mentioned!

Topman Sweater
Helmut Lang pants (affordable version here)
White Levi’s Jeans (similar here, and under $100 here, and here)
Black T-Shirt
Celine Sandals (affordable version here, also in blush pink)
Sea NY Top
Sea NY Jeans (also in light pink and tan)
Mara Hoffman Dress (similar here)
Celine Sandals (similar here)
Rebecca de Ravenel Clip-On Earrings
Amo Jeans
SJYP Trench (similar here)
Janessa Leone Hat
Prada Slides

See my Youtube video below!

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