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Celebrate My Birthday with Me and charity: water

December 6, 2016 - 86 Comments

As most of you know, I recently traveled to India. I had an amazing time there and the brand I was with gave me the most incredible experience that I will never forget.¬†While I was there I got to see the gorgeous scenery, meet the best people, and of course I got to eat delicious food every single day. The thing is, apart from all the beautiful things I got to do, I couldn’t help but also take in how much poverty there is. I saw so many little kids with bare feet and dirty clothes walking to collect clean water and it really broke my heart. These kids should be in school getting an education, and my first instinct to help was that I wanted to build schools. Then I realized that no matter how many schools you have, the kids can’t attend if they don’t have the basic necessities. There’s no time for school when you have to walk for 8 hours a day to collect drinking water for your family.

India is only one of the many places in the world where people don’t have access to clean drinking water. For my birthday, I created a campaign with charity: water to help end this crisis. I love charity: water because they use 100% of your donation to build wells, and not a single dollar is used for salaries, rent, or anything that doesn’t directly affect the communities in need.


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