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Aimee's look

Topshop Sleeveless Jacket and Pointy Croc Shoes

September 4, 2015 - 223 Comments

Hey guys, I just got back from Croatia and I’m glad to be home again for a bit before New York Fashion Week starts. Maybe it’s the wishy washy weather or because I’m exhausted from all the traveling, but I’m feeling a little under the weather these days. My sister had an event at the Beverly Center this past Wednesday, and I couldn’t let me grogginess get in the way of supporting my biggest support system. I’m so proud of her achievements thus far and seeing her at the panel made me realize how mature she has become over a couple of years. As a big sis who was always concerned about her well-being, I’m just so happy that she has found what she loves doing and hustling her way with what does best.
I wore an outfit that I got from Topshop. This vest immediately caught my attention (I liked it so much that I even go the yellow version) so I styled it with ripped boyfriend jeans and pointy flats.
aimee_song_of_style_topshop_drape_blouse_sleeveless_jacket_vest_boyfriend_jeans_jean_retrosuperfuture_sunglasses_chanel_vintageaimee_song_of_style_topshop_pointy_croc_embossed_kurve_pointed_flats_shoesThese might be my new go-to flats for fall! I love a good ol’ croc embossed print and seriously pointy flats go with everything!
aimee_song_of_style_topshop_drape_blouse_sleeveless_jacket_vest_boyfriend_ripped_jeans_jean_kurve_pointy_croc_embossed_flats_super_sunglasses_chanel_vintageDrape Sleeve Blouse, Tailored Sleeveless Jacket, Moto Blue Ripped Hayden Jeans, Kurve Pointed Croc Effect Shoes (in black here), and Similar bag (here)
aimee_song_of_style_topshop_drape_blouse_sleeveless_jacket_grey_gray_vest_boyfriend_jeans_jean_retrosuperfuture_sunglasses_chanel_vintage_kurve_croc_navy_blue_pointed_flats_shoesDrape Sleeve Blouse, Tailored Sleeveless Jacket (also love it in black) Retrosuperfuture Gal Sunglasses in Puma (similar here,) Moto Blue Ripped Hayden Jeans
aimee_song_of_style_topshop_pointy_croc_embossed_kurve_navy_blue_pointed_flats_shoes aimee_song_of_style_topshop_drape_blouse_grey_gray_sleeveless_jacket_vest_ripped_boyfriend_jeans_jean_retrosuperfuture_sunglasses_chanel_vintageThe Moto Blue Ripped Hayden Jeans are high waisted so I like tucking my blouse in them. Plus, they’re ripped in the right places.
aimee_song_of_style_topshop_drape_blouse_sleeveless_jacket_vest_boyfriend_jeans_jean_retrosuperfuture_sunglasses_chanel_vintage_kurve_croc_navy_blue_pointed_flats_shoesaimee_song_of_style_topshop_drape_blouse_sleeveless_jacket_vest_boyfriend_jeans_jean_pointy_kurve_croceffect_flats_super_sunglasses_chanel_vintageaimee_song_of_style_topshop_drape_blouse_sleeveless_jacket_vest_boyfriend_ripped_jeans_jean_kurve_navy_blue_pointy_croc_flats_super_sunglasses_chanel_vintage_bag_purseDrape Sleeve Blouse (50% off right now!)
Tailored Sleeveless Jacket (also love it in black and Yellow)
Moto Blue Ripped Hayden Jeans (If you like Plain Boyfriend Jeans)
Kurve Pointed Croc Effect Shoes (also comes in Black)
Chanel Quilted Bag (similar here)
Retrosuperfuture Gal Sunglasses in Puma (Similar here)

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