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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea : Confetti Balloon DIY

February 5, 2015 - 119 Comments


Thanks for all the kind words you guys have left me on the previous post. I read every single one of the comments here and on my other social media channels and some made me tear up but most of them made me feel so loved. I’m grateful that I have this space to share with you guys and I was so happy to hear your stories too. It gives me so much hope! Anyways, since I’m flying solo this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do alternative DIYs that can be shared with your family or friends and not just with a significant other. For my first DIY of the series I made something that is more interactive and creative than just a simple card — a rose petal confetti balloon!  There are quite a few steps in this DIY so feel free to do exactly what I have done or get creative and make it your own.


What you will need:

– 1 – 7.5” x 7.5” Box
– 3-4 Roses
– 1 Paper Towel
– 1-2 Sheets of Tissue Paper
– Scissors
– Gold Pen
– Small Piece of Paper
– One Balloon
– String
– Packing Crinkles
– White Wrapping Paper
– Paint Brush
– Red & White Paint
– Ribbon
– Tape
– Spray Adhesive (Suggested)

Rose Steps

Step 1. Drying the Rose Petals

To start off, you will take your roses, pull off all of the petals, and lay them out flat on a paper towel. Put them in the microwave for 60 seconds, then take them out of the microwave, flip them over and microwave them for another 40-60 seconds. Let them fully cool. If there is no moisture left in the petals and they crack when touched, then they are done. Set them off to the side.

Tassel Steps
Step 2. Making the Tassels

Take one sheet of tissue paper, and make sure it is folded in half once. You will now cut a piece off to create your first tassel. Be sure that when you make your cut, the fold is on the top, and you cut vertically.

My paper was a little too long, so I made a horizontal cut off the bottom so that the tassel would be a little bit smaller.

With the fold at the top, start cutting your fringe from the bottom and leave about a 1/4 inch room at the top near the fold.

Once you have cut your fringe, open up the paper and tightly roll it up.

After the paper has been rolled, twist the rolled part of the paper so that it will properly stay.


Now you will make a loop with the twisted paper which will make it easy to attach it to the string of our balloon. Feel free to make as many of the tassels as you like, I decided to make two!

Filling Balloon Steps

Step 3. Writing the Note & Filling the Balloon

For your note, you can make it as long or short as you would like but be sure that it can easily fit inside your balloon. My note was about 1.5 x 5 inches. Use your gold pen and write something personalized to whoever you are gifting it to.

You will now roll up your note. It will need to be rolled tight enough to put inside the opening of the balloon.

Once your note is inside your balloon, you will then get your rose petals and crush them up with your fingers. Once the pieces are small enough, you will put the crushed petals into the balloon. If you have a funnel you can use that to put the petals into the balloon, but I simply used my fingers.


After all of the petals are inside the balloon you will then blow it up with air. Feel free to clean off the part that touches your lips before you blow into it because of the petal dust. When blowing up your balloon be sure to check and see if it fits into your box, add more or less air to your balloon according to the space left inside your box.


Now you will tie your string around the balloon and attach your tassels to the string. Feel free to write a note right on the balloon or attach a note that says “pop me”!


Step 4. Wrapping the Balloon

Since the balloon part of your valentine is now complete, we will work on the packaging. Take your wrapping paper and box, measure the right amount of paper to cover your entire box, and cut a piece accordingly.

Paper Steps

Get your paints, a small glass of water and a dish/plate to mix your paint on. Feel free to get creative with your colors. I decided to mix my red and white to make a nice subtle pink. Once you have the color you want, add a little bit of water to the paint.

Now you will brush with various widths and angles over your paper to create any    pattern you would like. I wanted mine to look organic and natural.

Feel free to use lighter and darker colors to add contrast, I added some red strokes to the pink ones for some depth. Once you have finished painting, set it off to the side and let it fully dry.



While your paper is drying, take your box and put some of the packing crinkles in the bottom of the box and set the balloon in on top of it. You might need to rearrange the crinkles to fit correctly with the balloon. You want it to fit nicely but also look cute. Now you can put on the top on the box.

Once your wrapping paper is completely dry, wrap your box.


Step 5. Making the Bow

The final step is to add your ribbon and make your bow!


You will start by cutting two separate pieces of ribbon that will wrap around the gift once. Tape  each piece at the bottom of the present. The two ribbon pieces should make a cross over the present. Once secure, flip over the present.

Ribbon Steps

Cut two more pieces of ribbon, one piece will be three times longer than the other.

Take the long piece, bring the two ends together to create a circle and tape.

Then, take the smaller piece of ribbon and wrap it around the circle to create the bow.


You can then use spray adhesive or tape to attach it to the gift, and VOILA!VD_DIY_32

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