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Valentine’s Day Flowers In A Box DIY

February 12, 2015 - 112 Comments


For the third DIY in my Valentine’s series, I wanted to do something that involved flowers but not just a typical bouquet. My best friend Jennia is a pro at flower arrangements and this DIY comes directly from her! For this DIY it is just as much about love and care that goes into the packaging of the gift, as it is about the actual gift. Follow the step by step instructions below to make your own amazing floral arrangement box to share with your loved ones!

Vday_Flower_3 Vday_Flower_5 Vday_Flower_6 Vday_Flower_7

-Empty Box (shoe box or gift box) 11×11
-Few Types of Flowers: I Chose Pink Roses, Mini Hydrangeas, Baby’s Breath, Dianthus Green -(Green Carnation Ball) and White Mini Carnations
-2 Blocks of Dry Floral Foam
-Newspaper & Paper Shreds
-Paper Basket (I got from Moskatels)
-A Gift For Your Loved One (I’m gifting a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume)
-Gardening Shears or Scissors


It’s always exciting to go to the Flower Mart early in the morning. A breath of fresh floral scents instantly puts me a great mood. The wholesale mart only sells flower in dozens or bunches, and at the end of the day you will end up with more flowers. But hey, the more the merrier, right? You can kindly ask the seller to pre-cut the stems a bit so it’ll be easier for you to trim. When I got home, I trimmed all of my flowers and put them in a vase filled with water so they’d stay fresh.

Arangement No. 1


1. First, I took the paper basket and used each of them as a base. These baskets are necessary because they stop the wet foam (instructions below) from soaking into the box.

​2. Next, I placed a basket on the top of the foam to use as a stencil to easily cut it the same size. (You will need 4 foam cubes) You may need to trim off the sides for it to fit in the box.

3. Take the pieces of foam to the sink and let the water run and soak into the foam completely (say about a minute or so). Turn off the water and let it sit for about another minute so the water can completely soak in.


4. In the meantime you will prep the flowers, i.e. trimming the petals or cutting off dried stems, if it is necessary.

5. I chose to stack the baskets in twos, doing this will make it less likely for the water to soak into the box. For extra protection, I also added some paper shreds. On top of the shred you will add the soaked foam, I soaked mine for another minute with water just in case they weren’t fully soaked.

6. On the bottom of the box I added a layer of newspaper and a flat piece of plastic-like foam

7. Before putting the baskets and foam into the the box, you will first arrange the flowers.

8. I made two types of arrangements, and decided to post both since they were equally pretty!

9. Here’s the first one.


10. I’ve arranged the foams into a square, since that is how they will fit in the box. This part is important, if you don’t pre-plan how it will fit into your box, your flowerarrangement will not look the way you envisioned.

11. I started off by placing to the roses in sporadic formation. I then did the same with the rest of the flowers until it looked balanced and full.


Arrangement No. 2


1. Start this arrangement off by putting the green carnations in a diagonal formation.

2. Next, start a line with roses, then mini carnations, the hydrangeas, roses once more, and then finish it with baby’s breath.

3. Lastly, put the arrangement in the box nice and easy. You may need to shift the flowers around or add more if there are empty spots.

​4. Place your gift in the middle of the bed of the flowers and VOILA!! You got yourself a gorgeous boxed flower arrangement.


Anyone who receives this gift will be caught off guard by a sweet surprise!

P.S. They say left overs are the best, so put the leftover flowers in vases and display them around the house!Vday_Flower_19Vday_Flower_18

Are you guys doing anything special for Valentine’s Day? I gifted the above flower arrangement to my mom right before I left for New York and she absolutely loved it!! It’d make a perfect birthday gift too!


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