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The Perfect Baby Shower Present: Diaper Cake DIY

January 31, 2015 - 87 Comments

songofstyle_diapercake (27)


I already went to two baby showers the past couple of months and couple of my friends are starting to get pregnant and are ready to have their first babies! I thought I’d share this surprisingly easy DIY that Jennia and I did for my manager Raina who is about to have her first baby!

– 60-80 pack of diapers (I bought two packs of 42 diapers in size 2. I bought size 2 since many babies grow out of the size 1s quickly, plus your cake will be able to be on display for a longer time.)
– 80 Flat Seal Bags (4x7inches) (varies on the diaper size)
– Glue gun and approximately 5 glue sticks
– 2 large and 1 extra-large rubber bands
– Long threaded string
– 1 Coroplast 16×16 board
– Textured paper bigger than 16×16 (based on your preference)
– Tape (Regular and double sided)
– Ribbons with similar color tones and variations in sizes (9mm x 5.4m, 22mm x 2.7m)
– 1-2 yards of tulle
– Exacto knife
– Candy marshmallow sticks
– Fresh flowers of your choice as toppers
– Bag of loose pearls
– 1 paper towel roll tube
*Optional: Decor such as toys, bottles, rattles, flowers, cake toppers, pearls

songofstyle_diapercake (2)

​1. First, you will make the base of the cake. Take the textured paper, place it on top of coroplast board, and cut the paper to fit.  Glue the paper onto the board with a glue gun.
songofstyle_diapercake (11)

​2. Take the left over paper, and glue it around the paper towel base. You will use this as a post in the center of cake to keep it sturdy.

songofstyle_diapercake (3)

songofstyle_diapercake3. Before you touch the diapers, make sure your hands are super clean. Take out individual diapers and insert each of them into a clear plastic bag and seal them. This is the only time consuming part so I had couple of my friends help me put the diapers in the bag.

4. Roll each of the sealed diapers into a cylinder and tape it.

songofstyle_diapercake (4)

songofstyle_diapercake (5)

songofstyle_diapercake (6)

5. Here comes the first tier. You will glue the paper towel base in the center of the board, and drop a big rubber band around the paper towel base.  Start gathering each of the rolled diapers into the center.  Fill it around the base until the rubber band gets tight.  If you only have smaller size rubber bands, you can group them into threes and later bring it together with a string.  You will be using approximately 35-40 diapers; depending on how big you want it to be and how tight you rolled the diapers.

songofstyle_diapercake (7)

6. For the second tier, you will be using about 18-21 diapers, but be sure to measure it on top of the first tier to balance out the shape and size.

songofstyle_diapercake (8)
songofstyle_diapercake (9)7. Continue the same cycle on the 3rd tier.  You will use about 7-10 diaper rolls.

songofstyle_diapercake (10)

8. Tie a ribbon around each tier.  Not only will it make it look pretty, but it will also hide the rubber bands. Tie on the widest ribbon first, and then layer the thinner one on top.

9. Make sure that the ribbons are tight, and then glue the ends together using the glue gun. Try to use a minimal amount of glue so it is easier to break down when the diapers are going to be used.

songofstyle_diapercake (12)
10. Now for the fun part. If you already have the baby’s name you can spell it out with the marshmallow sticks, I decided to use “baby girl” for mine.

songofstyle_diapercake (15)11. You will now use the glue gun to glue the letters onto the ribbon area of the cake. I glued it in the 2nd tier, if the letters aren’t sturdy enough, add a dot of glue on the corners of the letters.

songofstyle_diapercake (13)I also went online and researched “how to make pretty ribbons” and attempted on making one which turned out so nice!
songofstyle_diapercake (20)12. Then, cut the tulle approximately 3 inches wide and leave the length 1-2 yards long. Starting from the center, stuff the tulle into the open spaces of the cake. You will want to start from the center and work your way out and bring it back to the center to giving it a staggered bunched look.
songofstyle_diapercake (21)13. For a finishing touch, I glued the pearls around the cake, attach all the ribbons and VOILA! songofstyle_diapercake (28)

Have you ever been to a baby shower? What’s your ideal gift? xo


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