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Keeping it Simple and How I Manage My Time with Two Jobs

November 30, 2014 - 125 Comments

aimee_song_button_down_shirt_distressed_skinny_jeans_saint_laurent_bagWe all have our go-to outfits when we’re in a time crunch right? My go-to outfits usually involve a simple button-down shirt with either denim (usually skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, whichever I see first and/or which is cleaner) or leather pants, which depends on how hot L.A. is and whether or not I want to be slightly more dressed up.

If you’ve been following my blog or my many social media channels a la instagram/twitter/facebook, then you already know that I travel a lot. The past two years have been the most I’ve ever traveled in my life and basically I wasn’t home in L.A. for more than 3-4 days at a time. What most people don’t know is that even though blogging takes a huge part of my time and is also the main reason for my travels, I also still have my full time job as an interior designer. How do I get to juggle both jobs and have a life? Managing time and balancing my life has been the hardest thing for me but something I am constantly trying to make work. It takes a lot of work, and no, I don’t have a group of people working for me or a stylist that helps dress me (that would kind of defeat the purpose of a personal style blog, no?)

Because of my hectic schedule, most of my outfits lately (especially this year and last year) are all about fuss-free, super easy to go to outfits and I only try to invest in good pieces that would work into my outfits. Kind of back to when I first started blogging, I was going to art school full time with school projects due everyday, and also working two part time jobs at one point which was basically worse than having a full time job but still managed to have a blog because it was a fun creative outlet for me. Instead of getting ‘drunk’ or partying like the other ‘cool’ kids at school, I would rather share my love for fashion and design with you guys on Song of Style and procrastinate on my art projects by browsing through other blogs. Anyways, I’ve kinda drifted and changed the subject but I meant to write that having a go-to outfit or a fool-proof outfit that works for a busy day saves me tons of time which allows me to get that extra 20 minute sleep (crucial!) or time to play with my dogs in the yard or call my parents, which I don’t do often. That’s one way I’m able to manage time.

For those who have quite a busy life like me, is there a go-to outfit that works for you?
Ok, my shirt is unbuttoned one button too many (wait, did that make sense?) but I assure you my girls listened and stayed in place. Fashion tape helped though. aimee_song_distressed_skinny_jeans_pointy_flats
While browsing through the denim section at Piperlime, I found a new brand I have yet to learn about called McGuire Denim. I haven’t tried their other styles but these distressed skinny jeans are super soft but run a little small. Either that, or I gained weight. aimee_song_black_button_down_shirt_saint_laurent_bagaimee_song_red_saint_laurent_tassel_bagAll the rings were purchased via Daily Jewel App, which Wesley Mason designed and helped create. Basically it’s an app that shows you one piece of jewelry a day for a super affordable discounted price (all of these rings combined were less than $100) and you only have 24 hours day to purchase each piece. Not going to lie, it’s a little addicting and it really tests your patience. aimee_song_skinny_jeans_phillip_lim_flatsaimee_song_black_button_down_shirt_skinny_jeans_pointy_flats

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