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Aimee's look

Tropical Prints and Cat Eye Sunglasses in Marrakech, Morocco.

June 4, 2014 - 146 Comments

Hello from Marrakech, where there are an abundance of colorful mosaic tiles, cedar wood, and even more blue doors! Oh, and how could I forget? Super cheap fresh squeezed orange juice! Nom!
Felt like bringing out my tropical side with this matching top and skirt and I was quite color coordinated with the surroundings. I seriously can’t get over the beauty of this country and its architecture. My best friend Jennia came to Morocco with me and she’s been taking my outfit photos while I’m here. It’s so fun having her take the photos especially since she doesn’t have any photography or fashion background so she comes with a different perspective. song_of_style_marrakechsong_of_style_marrakech_3song_of_style_morocco_catmoroccan_catsong_of_style_marrakech_tropicalsong_of_style_tropical_print_top

All Photos by Jennia

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