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Simple Sport with Roshe Runs + The Controversy

January 5, 2014 - 202 Comments


This is what I wore on Christmas day. My sister and a few close friends of mine decided to celebrate Christmas by helping out  homeless people in downtown L.A so we packed lunch bags, got some necessities such as feminine needs for women, socks, towels, and some clothes, and headed downtown.

Since I was going to be running around helping people all day, my outfit was all about comfort, and this was it. Some faux leather sweatpants and Nike roshe runs. Oddly enough though, what I thought was a super casual outfit garnered a couple of negative comments on Instagram. Some people commented my outfit was ‘flashy’ and one girl even went on to say, “Make sure you wear your outfit which probably costs thousands of dollars to feed the homeless!” While, I usually never fret over negative comments I thought I should clarify a few things. This outfit was put together in literally 5 minutes or less, and I didn’t go into my closet thinking “what should I wear that looks the cheapest, or ugliest” but rather “what can I wear that’s most comfortable and simple while helping people in need”. Because all of the pieces I’ve bought over the years and have in my closet are pieces that I adore individually and carefully pick out, I feel like even when I’m putting an outfit together really quick, it doesn’t seem like I don’t care how I look. Even on my worst days. I do have certain older and already ruined t-shirts that I wear occasionally when I’m painting a wall or doing manual labor, but when I’m doing something such as feeding the homeless , it doesn’t mean I have to wear my most raggedly clothes, nor am I going to wear my usual dressy outfits.

I didn’t mean to vent so much, but I wanted to clarify this issue.song-of-style-nike-leather-sweatpants-3 song-of-style-nike-leather-sweatpants-4 song-of-style-nike-leather-sweatpants

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