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Fall Book List: The 16 books we are reading this fall

October 14, 2018 - 16 Comments

Team Song of Style and I were chatting about what was on our fall reading list this year. Fall is the perfect time to add some new books to your list, because the change in season brings so many other changes with it. Whether you’re starting another year of school or thinking about transitioning in your career or any other part of your life, fall always brings about a  fresh start in some way. So, my team and I wanted to recommend a few books we are loving right now to get you in the spirit of Fall, support you while you think about change, and inspire you to level up your life.

1.You are a Badass at Making Money – On my last reading list, we included You Are a Badass, so I wanted to include the sequel here. Even if you didn’t read You Are a Badass, You are a Badass at Making Money is a great book for anyone who wants to increase her salary and also learn how to change her psychology and thinking around money to earn more!
2.Crazy Rich Asians – Everyone saw the movie, but did you guys read the book yet? This book is such a fun, romantic, fast-paced story. As the weather starts to get chillier, reading books and cozying up at home is much more inviting than going out. This is a perfect book for those stay-at-home evenings.
3. So Good They Cant Ignore You – Izzy from my team recommended this book because it’s one of her favorites. This is the perfect book for anyone who is about to start her career, or for someone ready to make a big career change. The author makes a controversial claim. We should never follow our passion. Instead, we should follow our skills and let our passion develop over time. This sounds kind of scary, but the point he makes is amazing. It’s well worth the read.
4. The Nightingale – Danielle from my team recommended this book. I always ask Danielle for historical fiction recommendations, and she said this is one of her favorites. This book is about two sisters during World War II, and their struggle to survive the German occupation of France. It is definitely one of those page turners you can stay up all night reading.

5. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, wrote this book for anyone struggling with their creativity. It’s a great book about making art, the process of making art, and how we can learn to be more compassionate towards ourselves.
6. The Woman I Wanted to Be – We all love DVF’s designs, and this memoir gives us more insight into the life of the fashion mogul. It’s such an inspiring read for anyone hoping to have a career in fashion.
7. OriginThe Da Vinci Code was one of the most fun reads of all time, and Origin, another book by Dan Brown, does not disappoint. This book is very fast paced and thrilling. Just be warned: once you start reading, it will be very hard to put down.
8. The 5 Love Languages – This is one of the most famous relationships book ever written. The 5 Love Languages gives insight into how to communicate with your partner, and how your partner can communicate with you. It gives you insight into how you operate in a relationship, and how you can create your most inspiring and fulfilling relationship yet.

9. The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock – This book is another fun novel for chilly autumn evenings or rainy days. This book is set in London during the 18th century, and is a whirlwind of history, romance, and adventure.
10. Brotopia – Emily Chang is an amazing journalist based in San Francisco. In this book, she details the toxic and often sexist culture of Silicon Valley, and shows us how we can fix this toxic culture. It’s a great read for changing the status quo and initiating a cultural shift.
11. Self-Compassion – This book is one of the best self development books out there. It’s so easy for us all to be people pleasers in our daily lives and forget how to really be there for ourselves. I highly recommend this book because it teaches us how to form a relationship withe the most important person in our life – ourself.
12. The Alchemist – Ruth from my team recommended this book. The Alchemist is a classic book about self discovery. It’s a book beloved across the world and by people of many different generations. It’s one of those must-reads that is very inspiring.

13. Everybody Always – Both Danielle and I were reading this at the same time and we didn’t even know until we were all talking about books! We both are loving this book right now. It’s all about accepting people compassionately no matter what. It’s a great read no matter what you’re going through, and definitely helps us become more loving individuals.
14. Tuesdays with Morrie – Ruth from my team recommended this one. It’s definitely a tear jerker, so be sure to have the tissues ready! Still, it’s an incredible book about living your life to the fullest. It’s message is an important one, and reading it reminds us to live as if every day is our last.
15. Thanks, Obama  – Sophia from my team has been reading a lot of memoirs from people that worked in the Obama administration. This one is a very light-hearted one written by Former Obama speechwriter David Litt. It’s funny and gives you an insight of how it was like working in The White House.
16. A Higher Loyalty  – This is another memoir written by the former FBI director James Comey. This is a little bit of a healthier read than the previous book. But Sophia found it really interesting because Comey talked about the FBI investigation of the Clinton email leak and the Russian election hacking.

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