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Lessons from Fashion Week & My First NYFW

September 7, 2017 - 60 Comments

Do you ever just think to yourself that, “If someone told me I would be doing this 10 years ago, I would not believe them.” As I was getting ready for NYFW yesterday, I suddenly realized this upcoming NYFW will be the 13th one I’ve attended. When I first started this blog, I had no idea it would reach the scale it’s at today. Apart from feeling astonished, I feel extremely blessed. Before the fashion week madness begins today, I want to take a second and review some of my favorite moments from past fashion weeks.This was the first fashion show I had ever attended back in 2010. It was a Betsey Johnson show. At that time, my blog had been live for 2 years and not a lot of people knew who I was. To tell you the truth, I was not even invited to this show. I got in because I knew someone who was invited (check out the YouTube video below for more of this story). I wrote a blog post about my first real fashion week experience and forgot to even take outfit photos but was. Although I remember seeing all of my favorite editor’s streetstyle snaps. This was the first year that the shows were being held at Lincoln Center (previously it was at Bryant Park.) I was so shocked and a little taken back when photographers started taking my photos outside the show. That just shows you how new I was.
When I was looking through my old fashion week photos, I laughed when I saw this one and knew I had to share it with you. This was in 2013. Aimee, why did you wear those six inch heels right after a snowstorm? In my blog post, I wrote that I would have worn boots but I wanted to complete the outfit so I chose Saint Laurent heels instead. I remember I was being extra careful that day so I wouldn’t fall. Now I have learned my lesson and I always go for comfortable and chic shoes.In 2016, I wore these gold lips for a Dior show in Paris. I was a little unsure about the lips because it was a lot bolder than my everyday makeup, but I am so glad that I went with it and this has become one of my favorite fashion week beauty looks of all time! If you are getting ready for fashion week, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It’s is the perfect time to go the extra mile and try out something new.The fashion industry is more than just about clothes, I absolutely love it when a designer uses their power to make a statement and start a conversation about matters that are important to them. This photo was taken last year in February. My friends and I all wore the Prabal Gurung statement tees that he had just shown on the runway the day before. I love that we were able to use fashion as a form of creative expression and political and social activism. I am always very outspoken about social injustice and that’s why I loved that moment.

One thing that I love the most about NYFW is that I could experience it with my sister Dani. Dani and I have been going to NYFW together since 2013 and I love every single experience with her!

This outfit was taken in 2012. That was when I saw a huge shift within the fashion world for myself. Instead of sitting sixth row, many of us bloggers started getting front row seats right next to the editors in chiefs and celebrities.

Every year, the amount of streetstyle photographers will double, triple… and I started caring even more about what to wear outside at the shows than what was going to come down on the runway.

I have such a funny and cute story about Eva Chen. When I was younger I was obsessed with Teen Vogue and Eva used to be the beauty editor there. I was secretly obsessed with Eva because it was my first time seeing an Asian American woman in a fashion magazine. Well, when I had gone to my first fashion week, a friend of mine knew someone who interned at Teen Vogue so we got the privilege to get a sneak peak into their offices. While we were at Teen Vogue, I asked her if she knew Eva Chen, and right when I asked her about Eva Chen, THE Eva Chen walked down the hallway and said “hi” to all of us and asked what we were doing there (we all looked a little lost lol.) She then continued to ask us if we wanted to check out the beauty closet. OMG. That was the coolest thing I had ever done. We went into Teen Vogue’s  beauty closet where they stored all the latest samples from skin care to makeup, and Eva told me I could snag a few things. I ended up leaving with a bag full of makeup that I kept for about 6 years for sentimental reasons.

Ever since then my blog started growing little by little and I kept running into Eva Chen and she was always so kind. Her career was taking off as well, she had gone from creating her own Tumblr to becoming an editor-in-chief at Lucky Magazine and is now the fashion department head at Instagram. She’s still one of my favorite people I’ve met through the fashion industry, she’s so sweet and genuine. This just goes to show that nice people can make it in fashion. I’ll never forget how kind she was to a fashion newbie.

Getting snapped by street photographers is a big part of fashion week. Bill Cunningham started the whole street style game. Then Scott Schuman from the Sartorialist changed the street style game. His blog gave me the first glimpse of what street style was about. In my personal opinion, Tommy Ton’s blog Jak and Jill (it’s no longer that now) was what revolutionized street style snaps. They were the ones who discovered the “fashion it girls,” and if you got shot by them, it was huge. I can compare it to being discovered by a huge talent agent, you were on your way to becoming a fashion star (at least on the streets). Every other streetstyle photographer would end up wanting to shoot you.

Anyways, I think that photo was the first photo that Tommy Ton took of me and I was on the front page of Style.com and that was one of my biggest streetstyle moments. One time, I sat next to Tommy Ton at Acne and we were talking about both house renovations (if you ever wondered what people talk about at fashion shows, now you know) and I sort of had a nostalgic moment. Ah, only if he knew how major he was to me and here I am, sitting next to him being so casual. Oh he’s also one of the sweetest people. Some people get big headed after a few years especially someone as big as he is, but he’s always been so humble. Again, just shows you that being kind takes you further in life.

Fashion weeks always leave me with new inspirations and good memories. I honestly cannot thank you guys enough for being with me through this journey. I want to use my experience and answer all of your questions regarding fashion week. Check out the YouTube videos below. I hope the video can give you more insights to how fashion week is like and maybe even inspires some of you guys!

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