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Closet Tour! How To Organize Your Closet

July 25, 2017 - 79 Comments

aimee song of song of style new closetAnother part of my house is finally complete! Welcome to my master closet! A closet tour has been my most requested post so I decided to give you guys an exclusive tour! With the help of California Closets I was able to create a custom and perfect closet arrangement that meets all my storage needs. I would say step one to redoing your closet is to purge and organize. Thankfully I had Darlene from California Closets to help me out during this process and get everything into place. aimee song of song of style new closetI made sure my closet had enough storage for my shoes, which is the first thing you see as you walk in. The whole back wall is filled with removable shelves that I can easily adjust with pegs to organize my shoes by style and height. My higher heels like these pink Raye sandals and Saint Laurent heels that I just bought are towards the top. Below them are my kitten and lower heels like these classic Manolo Blahniks.  To the left of those I have all of my sneakers and flat sandals and then I even have storage for my shoes under my dresses alongside the right wall. Organizing your shoes by height is the best way to maximize your space!aimee song of song of style new closetSomething that was also important when I was designing my closet was to make sure my long dresses and coats would fit properly. So, I created three hanging areas on the right side to fit all my beautiful long dresses, many of which are Self Portrait, and various pieces by length and how recently I got them. Alongside the back wall I have two super long horizontal rods that house my blouses on the bottom and my jackets above. Everything is organized by color and style. For example you can see that on the bottom rod I have a large section filled with all my white blouses like this Sea top followed by striped and printed blouses like my new Caroline Constas one. On the top rod I have light jackets followed by jean jackets then leather. The trick to getting everything to fit was getting rid of all of my wooden hangers–I gave them to my sister, Dani! I ordered a bunch of super affordable black velvet hangers that are much thinner and allow more items to fit on the rods. aimee song of song of style new closetOf course I also have large spaces for the immense amount of denim I own; I mean I am a California girl so naturally I own a ton of denim and in a ton of styles like these ones I have been wearing on repeat: AMO JeansFrame Jeans, Articles of Society Jeans ($65),GRLFRND Jean Skirt. You can shop all of my favorite summer denim pieces here. I have darker washes toward the bottom and then lighter washes in the middle followed by denim shorts and skirts more towards the top. And of course my leather pieces have their own section right above.aimee song of song of style new closet My denim is surrounded by my sweater and t-shirt collections including these cute Lovers + Friends pieces, and all of my Two Songs tee shirts. My sweaters and knits are towards the top of the closet because I don’t wear them as often in the warmer months, and the reason that they’re folded is because hanging sweaters will stretch them out over time. I have a wide array t-shirts but have also been recently adding to my workout collection. I just recently started to work out regularly (and yes I actually now love it–who am I?) so I hope to continue adding to that collection.aimee song of song of style new closetIn the center of my closet I have my drawers. I love this part particularly because there are no door handles and I get to just push in on the drawers and they slide right open. Super easy. All of my pajamas, socks and underwear are stored here! In the nook of the vanity area is where I lay out my sunglasses and jewelry. My Oliver Peoples ones are laid out right now since I just wore them to FYF this past weekend, along with my Gentle Monster and Dior sunnies. At the top of my closet is where I house all of my handbags. They actually circle around half the closet–I chose to sort them by color and how often I wear them. Classic and simple handbags like the quilted Chanel Bag would normally be towards the middle where as my more trendy pieces are towards the sides.

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