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Office Tour

February 25, 2017 - 105 Comments

The time is finally here to show you guys my new office! We moved in a little while ago, but I really wanted to get everything right before showing you. Honestly, it’s kinda crazy to me that I have my own office.. I started my blog in my bedroom when I was in college, then I shared a space with my sister’s jewelry company, worked out of my apartment again, and now I actually have my own space dedicated to Song of Style. Wow. This is the table where we all work at. We’re all very collaborative, so instead of everyone sitting at their own separate desks, we all work at one big table where we can share ideas and show each other content. I actually got this table from a flea market in LA! I’m super obsessed with the accessories on top. The Forwood Design grey tray and mail holder are from a company called LuxDeco and they’re made of shagreen, which is a really great way to make your space look more elevated.  I really think that the right accessories can take your space to the next level. Like I said, the table is from the flea market, but just like with an outfit, I dressed it up with some good quality accessories. I love the crocodile details of the L’Objet box, L’objet square tray, and L’Objet pencil holder. I keep some crystals in the LuxDeco octopus leg and shagreen bowl.
You may have seen my YouTube video for How to Hang a Gallery Wall, featuring all of this beautiful artwork from Tappan Collective. I’m still so in love with these art pieces (green abstract, pink/red abstract, flamingo photo, rose) and you should check out that video if you want to know the best way to hang everything! The cabinets underneath are from IKEA, but I added some custom marble to the top of it so that I could have nice cabinets without breaking the bank. Added another Pink Shagreen tray with some crystals on top, some books, and some more art. Nicholas, working away. Aside from working at the big table, there are a few smaller spaces around the office where we sit and get work done as well. This is Caitlin sitting by the coffee nook at a beautiful Jonathan Charles green shagreen and gold table from LuxDeco. Dani stole it from me for a while, but I finally got it back! Finally, we have a sitting area for anyone who wants to come visit us! These black velvet armchairs are seriously the most comfortable chairs ever (at least Charcoal and Malti think so) and I got them online at LuxDeco. It’s crazy how I shop online for clothes all the time, but I never acually bought furniture online before. I’m so glad I discovered them though because they’re probably my favorite pieces in the office!

Forwood Design Grey Shagreen Tray
LuxDeco Pink Shagreen Tray
L’Objet Crocodile Tray, Pencil Cup, Box
Jonathan Charles Green Shagreen Table
Kentish Console Table
LuxDeco Armchairs
Delightfull Table Lamp
LuxDeco Desk Lamp

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