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City Guide

My favorite Paris Spots during Paris Fashion Week

September 25, 2016 - 155 Comments

aimee_song_of_style_paris_by_neighborhood_guideParis Fashion Week is here and although my first visit was only 3 years ago back in 2013, it’s crazy to think about how many times I’ve been to Paris (it’s been around 10 times). This beautiful city is divided into districts (arrondissements) and each one is different from another. Since I visit Paris so often and with Paris Fashion Week here, I created a list of all of my favorite spots (especially my favorite places to eat) by arrondissement. This isn’t a list of just any cool places to be seen and be noticed. It’s more of a list of places that I always go back to when I’m in Paris and want to share with you guys.

Also, the easiest way to get around Paris is the subway system (le métro). There are hundreds of stops all over the city, and if you ask anyone for directions somewhere, chances are they will tell you what the nearest metro stop is. I’m going to list the closest stop to each of my spots so you know exactly where to go!
aimee_song_of_style_paris_guide_cojean_colette_cafe_kitsune1er – The First
Metro: (1) Tuileries, Palais Royal – Musee du Louvre, (14) Pyramides
Colette – If you like to shop, you’ll love Colette. It’s a small concept store at Place Vendôme where you’ll find collections from some of your favorite designers, and ones that you’ve never heard of, but will soon love. (p.s. I’m having a book singing there on Oct. 1 from 5-6:30pm!).
Cojean – (left photo by @lea_tralala) France’s answer to a California favorite — the juice bar. They have a bunch of locations throughout the city and they’re perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Of course, since it’s France, they also have delicious sandwiches on baguette.
Cafe Kitsuné – (right photo by @swnhao) A café owned by Maison Kitsuné. Go here for some insta-worthy lattes, matcha, and the cutest little fox cookies.
Tuileries – Tuileries is the garden in front of the Louvre and one of my favorite places to just sit and people watch. Grab your Cojean and take it here to regroup after all that exhausting shopping and snacking. There’s also a place called Paul on Tuileries where you can get pastries and sandwiches to go.

aimee_song_of_style_paris_le_marais_3rd_arrondissement3eme/4eme – Le Marais
Metro: (1) Saint Paul, Hotel de Ville, (8) Chemin Vert
I love Le Marais. It’s super trendy and has a young scene, but still feels like quintessential Paris to me. The first airbnb I got was in Le Marais, and although it was further to most of the shows, I had the best time here because of the neighborhood. Many of the places are open till late and it’s kind of has the Silverlake vibe but with Weho men aka my favorite gays. Some of the best shopping is here and whether it’s designer or vintage, you’ll find something you like.

Fragments – (Left photo by @elieyobeid) – You know I love avocado toast, so obviously I had to look up where to find the best. Fragments is definitely a contender. It’s in the very north of Le Marais
Ob-La-Di – I found this place for the very same reason as Fragments. I mean come on… girl’s gotta have her avocado toast.
Place des Vosges – (right photo by @cholpak) A super pretty park surrounded by a square of beautiful buildings. Reminds me so much of the book Madeline! There’s an Amorino gelato shop near by, so you can get your ice cream and go people watch in the park.
Vintage Shopping – Not too much to say besides the fact that the Marais is dotted with great vintage shops all over. I’ve found some really great leather goods here! 
Suan Thai – One of my favorite Thai places! They have real coconuts and the food is perfectly light and fresh.
Berthillon – This is the real deal Gelato on Ile St. Louis. They have some unique flavors like pear and apricot. 

6eme – St. Germain des Pres
Metro: (4) St. Germain des Pres, Odeon, (10) Mabillion
The 6th is located just on the south side of the Seine. It’s just outside most of the touristy area, but close enough to Notre Dame that some make their way over. You’ll find a mix of locals and visitors all doing the same thing–shopping and eating. There are tons of beautiful decor shops here too so it’s fun to just walk around.
Cosi – The perfect spot for lunch, right across the river from the louvre and down the street a little bit. Everything is made in house (the bread!!!!). I definitely recommend the “Everything But” salad and the apple crumble.

Hotel Madison – A cute little hotel right in the hustle and bustle of the sixth.
Kilo Shop – A bursting-at-the-seams vintage shop where you collect as many things as you can and then pay by the weight.
Cafe de Flore – A Parisian staple.
Eggs & Co – (Above photo by @triciaauyong) Brunch! The most important meal of the day.
Order the smoked salmon benedict or eggs en cocotteaimee_song_of_style_paris_arrondissements_guide_royal_monceau

8eme – The Eighth
Metro: (1) Concorde, Tuileries, (14,12) Madeleine
The 8th Arrondissement filled to the brim with opulence. It’s home to the Champs Elysées and Avenue Montaigne, where you’ll find the stores of all your favorite high-end brands. I also come for the food.
Soon – One of my favorite Korean restaurants! I’ve tried about 4 different Korean restaurants in Paris and this place is my favorite. It’s tiny but really clean and they also have a downstairs with a karaoke room. I always get Bibimbap which is a rice bowl with mixed vegetables. The food comes with banchan, aka side dishes.
Airbnb – I know that there is airbnb everywhere, but if I stay in airbnb during Paris Fashion Week, I like to stay in the 8th because it’s a really nice area and you’re able to walk to most of the shows.
Les Pates Vivantes – This is actually in the 9th, but it’s close enough. Pates Vivantes is a Chinese restaurant, but you won’t find General Tso’s chicken. They make their own noodles, which you can see from the window, and they are perfect.
Avenue Montaigne – Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Prada, etc. all of your favorite high-end boutiques are here.
Le Royal Monceau – Still one of my favorite hotels I’ve ever stayed in. One of the best parts was the breakfast in the morning because they have sliced avocados. Every morning, I’d be the first one downstairs at the restaurant making my own avocado toast.

aimee_song_of_style_paris_10th_arrondissement 10eme – The Tenth
Metro (5): Gare du Nord, Gare de l’Est, Jacques Bonsergent, (7) Louis Blanc
The 10th Arrondissement is a great location to stay because it’s much more affordable than staying in the center of the city. Since there are the big metro stations, it’s still super easy to get around. It’s mostly local Parisians, and you’ll see a lot of young people chilling by the canal eating lunch together.
Kheak & Véro – A delicious little vietnamese restaurant. Get the Bô Bun with Shrimp and a vietnamese iced coffee.
Le Petit Carillon – Right next to Kheak & Véro. This is a great place for french food with a view of the canal. Sit outside. 
Bleuet Coquelicot – A beautiful flower shop for all your insta needs.
Institut de Bonté – (left photo by @silent_joy) A rustic/chic cafe and farm-fresh produce market
Siseng – Asian fusion restaurant where you can get steamed buns and vermicelli with a side of sweet potato fries.
18eme – The Eighteenth
Metro: (12) Abesses, (2) Pigalle, Anvers, Blanche
(photos by @wonguy974) The 18th, while pretty touristy, is still full of charm. My recommendation for this arrondissement is to just get off the metro and walk around. The famous Monmarte is here as well and it’s wort a walk to go up the hill to see the beautiful view of Paris. I’ve heard people say that Monmarte is dangerous at night but I’ve walked up the hill with 5 of my friends at 1am and there were still tons of people hanging around. I suggest waking up early in the morning to avoid the crowd. If you go to Pigalle, you will see a lot of sex shops haha. If that’s not your thing, skip this stop although I did have one of the best french onion soups at a random cafe here. If you make your way up to Abesses, you’ll see a beautiful carousel and Sacre Coeur sitting at the top of the hill. Make your way to the top of the hill (there’s an elevator) for stunning views of the city, and walk around little more to see all of the artists painting on the street. 

You can also check out a list of my favorite photo spots in Paris here, and watch my very first trip to Paris here! Oh, and ever wonder what Paris Fashion Week is like? You can watch what goes on here and here!

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