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Aimee's look

Coachella Day One 2016: How to Enjoy Coachella

April 16, 2016 - 148 Comments

aimee_song_of_style_chloe_sandals_chloe_bag_free_people_topOh my, Coachella has changed so much since I first started going. Back then, it was only a one day thing. In high school, we’d save up money to get the tickets, find someone who was old enough to drive or already had a driver’s license, paint our cars like ‘Carpoolchella’ and would get lost in the crowd listening to music and secretly freak out if we saw any celeb. Oh, and my Coachella outfit consist of ripped Hollister shorts or DIY levi’s shorts or an oversized sweater worn like a dress with knee high socks.

Now, I have a totally different experience. The very first time I went on a 3 day weekend (oh, there was only one weekend not two) I was so excited and also didn’t know what to expect since I had never actually stayed in Palm Springs or Indio and had to actually plan on my outfits for the weekend. I can now say I’m a Coachella veteran so wanted to share a few tips on how to enjoy Coachella (and the parties) to the maximum without stressing yourself out!aimee_song_of_style_chloe_blue_suede_bag_free_people_lace_up_topFree People lace up topRebecca Taylor skirt, Chloe bag and sandalsaimee_song_of_style_rebecca_taylor_skirt_free_people_topaimee_song_of_style_rebecca_taylor_skirt_free_people_lace_up_topaimee_song_of_style_chloe_sandals_rebecca_taylor_skirt

  1. By now, I’m sure you’ve planned your outfits ahead. I always plan mine and bring a few more options just incase and always bring a light jacket since at night the desert gets very dusty, windy, and chilly. Oh, extra points if you bring a lil’ scarf to cover your face as you walk through the dust storms to get inside the festival.
  2. SPF is MUY IMPORTANTE! I also bring a mini tube (like a sample one that I got from Birchbox) after I apply my tinted moisturizer that also has SPF. When I was younger, I just wanted to tan and get that Californian glow but now I’m all about preventing wrinkles and keeping my face youthful. Plus, you can use a tinted moisturizer and/or a bronzer!


  1. Eat and drink your greens! I always try to drink green juice first thing in the morning so I feel like my body is healthy from all the horrible food I ate the night before. Plus, if you drink alcohol and have a hangover (I don’t drink any alcohol but I do party hard and stay up all night eating in-n-out) it’s nice to flush them toxins out and start the day fresh!


  1. Don’t go to all the parties. Whenever Coachella turned into a three day weekend thing + 2 weekends in a row, there became endless parties. Not going to lie, I once had FOMO and wanted to get into all the cool parties, hang out with the cool people (I’m talking about Rihanna) but when all you care about is getting into the parties rather than enjoying yourself at a party, then that becomes stressful. Instead, live in the moment. Go to one or two parties that you know your friends are going or maybe a cool DJ is spinning or it’s one of your favorite brands and just enjoy being there rather than worrying about what party to go next.


  1. The festival is more fun at night. During the day, I usually stay by the pool and try to recover from the night before or go to a party or two. At night around 6pm is when I start heading out to the actual music festival itself. Oh, make sure to leave like an hour before to get there depending on where you’re at since there is always mad traffic + you have to walk a while to get into the festival unless you’re Beyonce or Pharrell. The bigger names usually perform at night BUT if you do want to discover cool bands, you can go during the day since it’s less crowded than the evenings but it’s super hot so don’t forget #2, sunscreen!
  2. Carry cash. ATM fees are expensive and the credit card machines at the food stands tend to not work all the time for some reason. Safe to carry some cash with you.

aimee_song_of_style_nbd_dress_stuart_weitzman_shoes_revole_clothingNBD dress, SJYP jacket, Stuart Weitzman Boots, Chloe Bagaimee_song_of_style_stuart_weitzman_booties_nbd_dress

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. I’m always shocked by how many people wear high heels to Coachella, both stilettos and platform heels. No matter how much it goes with your outfit, unless you’re Rihanna or Beyonce and can be carried around, please leave them high heels at home or for another event. There are tons of comfortable boots with mini block heels that give you an extra 2-3 inches. Topshop, Stuart Weitzman (also in black/beige) all have really great options.

aimee_song_of_style_coachella_ferris_wheel_sunsetOutfit 1:
Free People lace up top
Rebecca Taylor skirt
Chloe bag
Chloe Sandals
Outfit 2:
NBD dress
Stuart Weitzman Boots
Chloe Bag
SJYP jacket

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