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How to DIY a Pair of Distressed Jeans aka Ripped Jeans

June 5, 2015 - 162 Comments

If you have been following my blog, you would know how much I love distressed jeans especially in the form of boyfriend jeans (as seen here and here and many more!) I’m sure you all have at least a few pair of denim that’s just sitting in your closet untouched whether you don’t love it as much as you used to or sometimes you completely forget they even existed until you start organizing your closet. Well, bring’em out and give those blue babies some lovin’.  I’ll show you how to make the perfect pair of distressed jeans.

1. Denim (Anything close to 100% cotton, boyfriend jeans would be good like the one I got from Banana Republic. This pair & this darker wash here is cool too)
2. X-acto knife /scissors
3. Magazine or a piece of cardboard
4. A pen that writes on fabric or chalk
5. Lint roller
6. Shaving razor (Optional)
7. A tweezer
8. Washing machine & dryer (not shown)

*It’s important to choose the right denim to distress. Distressing a pair of denim with elastic material won’t give a good raw look. 100% cotton is the best. 

1. If you’re lazy to try on the jeans to measure where the knees are, you can fold the leg of the denim up to the top of the inseam.  That crease is where your knee cap is going to be.
2. Slide the cardboard and mark in the areas you want to distress. (I marked it right above the knee and around the lower pockets.)
3. You can either snip it with a pair of scissors or use a razor. I made two openings side by side about couple inches apart.
4. Take your tweezer and start pulling out the blue individual threads. Make sure you keep the white threads in tact. (Now, you may think this process is too time consuming, but you just got to be patient! I promise you won’t be disappointed by the results.)
5. After that’s been dealt with, this might be a good time to use your lint roller and clean up the mess before the next step.
6. Actually, all you gotta do is throw your denim in the washing machine and then dry after.  I repeated this process twice for a more organic distressed look.

collage3Lastly, trim all the excess threads that are hanging out and VOILA you’ve got yourself a nice pair of distressed jeans!

collage2 From top L to R: See the transformation from the original denim to distressed and washed & dried once and then repeated the process the 2nd time.
song_of_style_distressed_jeans_5_700  Of course my favorite and easiest way to wear my distressed boyfriend jeans is to wear it with my go to striped button down.

song_of_style_distressed_jeans_7_700 song_of_style_distressed_jeans_6_700 
I wore my DIY distressed jeans to my design meeting and everyone complimented on how cute they were and surprised that it was a DIY! (pat on the back hehe)
I love these and practically live in these pair.  Now you try it!

J-Crew Striped Shirt (love this one from Madewell)
Song of Style Jewelry in Malachite
Chloe Drew Bag (this new python one I’m coveting *drool*)
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
Isabel Marant Chain Sandals

photos by Jennia and edited by Christina Choi


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