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Top 10 Favorite Instagrams to Follow During Fashion Week

February 17, 2015 - 65 Comments



You know how much I love instagram right? I mean who doesn’t? I wanted to share some of my favorite instagram accounts that I like to follow especially during fashion week season so I’m always in the know. I also asked some of my favorite instagrammers what their favorite filter and photo apps are and what they look for when they’re grammin’!

  1. Eva Chen @evachen212
    Favorite filter or photo app?
    “I actually never put filters on my photos, I like a cleaner, more natural look!

    And I tend to use the Instagram app itself to edit! Mostly because I’m too lazy/busy to edit too heavily”
  2. Young Jun Koo @youngjunkoo
    Who makes the cut on your instagram account?
    “I’m looking for someone that makes me instantly press the shutter which means absolutely fashionable people through my fashion code and those are the shots I post on my account.”
  3. Adam Katz Sinding @le21eme
    What do you look for when shooting street style?
    “I think I’m a bit different, or I suppose I’d like to think so.  For me (now vs before) it’s more about personal expression, and I usually find this through a person’s movement or posture, versus the garments and accessories that they are wearing.  I think I view their dress as more of a complimentary attribute which aids in the overall aesthetic value of the image.  But confidence is paramount.  You can wear jeans and a T Shirt and look better than someone in a $50k getup if you are sure of youself.”
  4. Irene Kim @ireneisgood
  5. Soo Joo Park @soojmooj
    “Favorite filter on instagram is Valencia & Hudson. I also use VSCO cam”
  6. Whowhatwear @whowhatwear
  7. Hannah Bronfman @hannahbronfman
    Favorite filter on VSCO?
    “VSCO cam filter F2 and HB1”
  8. The Styleograph @thestyleograph
  9. Jane Keltner de Valle @janekeltnerdev
    Favorite filter or photo app?
    “I rarely use filters and never use apps, but I’m a big fan of “brighten”-ing my photos. I feel like insta is this generation’s Polaroid, so I like keeping the images somewhat pure and natural and spontaneous. That said, I have friends who swear by facetune for an instant facelift.”
  10. Cailli & Sam Beckerman @beckermanblog

What about you guys? Are there any instagram accounts that I should be following during fashion week? Any other good instagram accounts to follow for other things?

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