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Aimee's look

Downtown L.A. Girl.

January 9, 2015 - 136 Comments


Fun fact about me. I actually grew up in downtown L.A. I moved around a lot in L.A. but most of my childhood was spent in downtown and it has changed so much since then with so many great new businesses, cool art scene, good restaurants, and a lot of great stores. I used to go to downtown only if I had something to do there such as a business meeting or to meet with my metal workers and design clients, but now because there is so much to do, I just love going to downtown. aimee_song_green_military_jacket_ripped_skinny_jeans

I’ve been wearing this parka from Minusey a lot lately. It has a lining inside for colder climates which came in super handy (and warm) when I was in Mammoth couple of weeks ago. Oh, and remember my favorite pair of J Brands (last seen here) that I wear a lot? I LOVE the fit so much that I got it in this grey wash too! I’m a sucker for great pair of jeans! aimee_song_green_military_jacket_ripped_skinny_jeans_isabel_marant_boots_2aimee_song_green_military_jacket_ripped_skinny_jeans_isabel_marantaimee_song_baseball_hat_dtlaReppin’ L.A. in my dodgers baseball cap.aimee_song_green_military_jacket_ripped_skinny_jeans_2

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