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DIY 2015 Marquee Letters and Christmas Tree Collage

December 18, 2014 - 96 Comments


With the holidays just right around the corner, I teamed up with Pandora for a fun and easy DIY! Inspired by the gold Christmas collection charms from Pandora, I decided to make really cool custom 2015 marquee numbers. aimee_song_2aimee_song_diy_custom_marquee_lettersHere’s what you’ll need:

Spray Paint (I used Chalkboard black)
Paper Mache numbers: 2,0,1,& 5 (get them at Artist & Craftsman or your nearest craft store)
Stringed Globe lights (make sure they fit into your numbers!)
Cutting mat
x-acto knife


Before cutting anything, I first started with a pencil and marked on the numbers where I want the light bulbs to go.  You can place the bulb and trace them exactly where you want it.  I spaced it out about two fingers apart. After that is complete, you will flip the box over to the back and using an exaco knife, carefully cut the outer lining of the number.  Once you went around , it should pop right off like a lid.

Flip the letters back and with your knife, plunge a small ‘X’ right on the marks you made for your bulbs without trying to go outside of the circle. Then use a pen or a pencil and pierce it through the middle giving it a wiggle.  My little trick is to wave the pen in a circular motion to widen the hole. The hole should fit the socket part of the light bulb. (This is only the hard part, so bare with me!)


Now, my favorite thing to do these days is spray painting! Make sure you’re outdoors for this part! Place the letters on a cardboard or newspaper then spray away. Two coats will give it enough coverage and wait for about an hour to dry completely.


Now time to install the lights! Make sure the lights aren’t plugged in yet! I started pushing my lights through the holes I’ve made from the back side. (Btw, remember to push in the lights in order of your numbers. I accidentally did 2150 instead of 2015 at first. oops!)


After my lights were placed, I screwed on the caps onto the numbers. This whole process took me about 2 1/2 hours including drying time so not bad! I’m super happy about how it turned out and it’s such a great DIY because you can reuse this marquee numbers for a long time or at least for several more years. All you need to do is just replace the last number every year!


Ok, that’s not all I did for my holiday DIY! You know how obsessed I am with instagram right? I got inspired by Dani’s collages that she has everywhere from her apartment and even in her office so I decided to do a version of my own but in a Christmas tree shape. All I did was just simple print out my favorite moments of 2014 from instagram (I put 4 photos in a 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper) and cut them out then double stick taped them onto an empty space on my wall.



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