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Aimee's look

Black and Brown in San Francisco

November 5, 2014 - 140 Comments


I’ve been gravitating more towards black and browns lately because it’s so easy. It’s weird because for most people, black and browns are their go-to’s and for me, my wardrobe usually consists of lots of color. I think it has to do with being busy and not wanting to think about color coordinating. aimee-song-black-sweater-black-pleated-skirt-ankle-boots_san_francisco

I love walking. My favorite thing to do whether I’m in San Francisco, L.A. or even New York is walking to places with my friends (or by myself and music playing on my phone) and just talking and thinking about everything. Of course, this requires me to have comfortable footwear (preferably Nikes) but in this case, I put on my comfy ankle boots on. It’s all about chunky heels for me when it comes to everyday ankle boots. I love them in black or brown for fall!aimee-song-black-pleated-skirt-michael-kors-quilted-bagaimee-song-black-sweater-black-skirt-michael-kors-selma-bag-ankle-bootsaimee-song-black-pleated-skirt-ankle-boots-michael-kors-quilted-selma-bagaimee-song-black-sweater-black-pleated-skirt-ankle-boots_michael_kors_bagaimee-song-black-sweater-black-pleated-skirt-ankle-boots-2
I made it a point to come to these beautiful mosaic steps in San Francisco. It’s definitely worth a hike! It’s so wonderful how a bunch of volunteers and people in the community came together to build something beautiful for others to enjoy for years to come. aimee-song-black-sweater-black-pleated-skirt-ankle-boots

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