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From Seoul to L.A.

July 28, 2014 - 203 Comments

After my trip to Singapore, I flew to Seoul, S. Korea. Traveling to several places in one trip can be exciting but also exhausting, not to mention, hard to pack! No matter how much I travel, thinking of what I’m going to wear always seem to be the biggest issue. I know, #firstworldproblems.
Anyways, when I’m packing for my travels, there are some key pieces I like to take that match the destination whether it’s a kaftan for an exotic location, maxi dress for an island, and the usual cliche pieces… you get the idea. However, I always make sure to also pack several basic pieces so that I can mix and match, as well as essential sun, body, and nail products. No one wants to carry around nonetheless pay for an overweight bag! Well, just in time for my Asia trip, the lovely team from Michael Kors sent me a care package which I wore in Seoul as well as in L.A.song_of_style_michael_kors_5
While I was in Seoul, I hung by the indoor pool at Conrad Seoul. After my trip to Singapore and learning about beauty and skincare, I’m now way more aware of what I do to my skin. I’m naturally quite tan, but I also tan very easily being that I live in California. I try to wear SPF all the time but I’ll still stay out in the sun, carelessly hoping I’d get that nice glow. Well, I’m definitely not doing that anymore and I’m so glad that I brought the Michael Kors Liquitan Self Tanner with me. I put it on myself (so did my sister Dani) and immediately got a nice glow without turning orange! I think the more I apply it, the darker I was going to get so I just did one coat but Dani did a couple coats which looked really good on her. Also, unlike other self tanners, it didn’t have that horrible odor but smelled more like a good lotion because it has MK’s signature fragrance scent. Honestly, I haven’t used tons of self tanners but maybe a couple and I know from that experience, normal self tanners leave weird streaks (even on your palm) and smell gross so if you’re looking for one, I highly recommend this one!
Some of my favorite beauty products from Michael Kors that I’ve been traveling with and been using back in L.A. How pretty is the gold packaging? The sporty nail color is from the new collection of 18 shades that Michael Kors introduced this summer and I’m sporting the Ingenue nail lacquer for a perfect finishing touch to my outfit.
song-of-style-michael-kors-3I own tons of denim shirt but always find the light wash ones the easiest to wear. I’m making this casual denim shirt more me by layering necklaces.song-of-style-michael-kors
In L.A., I wore the whole Michael Kors ensemble to work and run errands. Since I’m always in L.A. for a short period of time (I was headed to New York and Ibiza next) my days in L.A. are super busy. I’m lucky if I get more than 4 hours of sleep while I’m here! I like to be comfortable and chic when I’m working so I chose these slip ons with a chunky platform! Voila, super comfy and chic!song-of-style-michael-kors-slip-onssong-of-style-denim-shirt-white-shorts-2
All of the beauty products and this look are available now at Michael Kors.

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