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4th Of July Mason Jar Flower Vase

July 3, 2014 - 202 Comments

Happy almost 4th of July! This year, I celebrated 4th of July a tad bit early with my family and friends since I was traveling outside of the country. Usually, I celebrate it by decorating a cake (remember this apple cobbler?) or arranging blue and red flowers, but this time I thought I’d do a little DIY by creating patriotic mason jars! song_of_style_4th_of_july_mason_jar_vase
Here is what you’ll need:

  • 3 mason jars
  • Red and blue spray paint (gold acrylic from Blicks)
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape (I ran out of mine so I used regular clear tape)
  • name tag stickers or any big size stickers
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • x-acto knife
  • newspaper

* One jar will be for the stars and the other two jars will be for the stripes.
* It’s best to spray paint outdoors due to the odor and mess spray painting might create.
1. Start by drawing stars on the sheet of stickers. If u have star stencils you can draw it over the name tag stickers.  Stars can be pretty tricky but it doesn’t have to perfect ! I drew about 10-15 stars in all sizes.

2. Cut them neatly and stick them all around one of the jars and make sure you press down the edges so when you spray paint, the paint won’t seep in.
3. Place the jar upside down on the middle of the newspaper.  With a blue spray paint, start spraying slowly in an up and down motion. Repeat it several times so the colors are evenly coated all around. Avoid spraying too much paint since it’ll leave drip marks.
4. While the blue spray paint dries, now it’s time to make the red stripes! Grab the remaining two jars and measure them from the top (I measured it from the bottom of the lid part) to the bottom and taped them off evenly. (I started out with pink tape that was easier to maneuver around the round part of the top part but ran out so continued with clear tape.)song_of_style_4th_of_july_mason_jar_vase_2
5. Carefully, tape the jar all the way around (make sure it’s straight and the ends are perfectly matching. It took me a while too!) It’s easier if you lay down the jar to the side and roll as you tape it around.

6. Once you’re done taping off the sections you wan’t to keep clear, place the jars on the newspaper and flip them upside down.song_of_style_4th_of_july_mason_jar_vase_5
7. This time with the red paint, start spraying slowly in an up and down motion, try to repeat it several times so the colors are evenly coated all around.

8. Let them dry for about 20 mins and add a few more layers of spray paint so the color would be as bold as possible.

9. After all the painting is complete, make sure to let them dry for a couple of hours before peeling off the tape and stickers.

10. Very carefully, peel off the star stickers and tape from the jars once they are completely dry. I used a x-acto knife to outline around the stars so that the paint won’t peel off with the stars.song_of_style_4th_of_july_mason_jar_flower_vase_211. Voila! Arrange your 4th of July flowers! I picked white daffodils and roses to keep it clean and simple.

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